Which ISPs Offer The Best Customer Support?

ISPs did not focus on their customer support until a few years ago as much as they do now. Nevertheless, today, they deeply understand that having the best customer support is as important as providing quality internet services. Nowadays, companies run annual surveys and generate a survey report that highlights customers’ overall experience. ISPs are no different. It takes a few clicks to check customer ranking about any ISP in any given year. All you have to do is go to ACSI (American Customer Support Index) annual report on their official website.

Seeing the ranking, or reading customers reviewing is game changing for any business. You see someone saying they had the worst experience with this ISPP will make you reluctant no matter how many good reviews you have read. For the ISP survey, previous or existing customers have to rate the service from zero to five for all five factors. Customers have the free hand to rate based on their experience. The recent survey report showed the highest feedback rating of 3.59 and the lowest rating of 3.09. It shows that all ISPs lack more than one feature. 

With technology innovation, everything around us is changing dramatically. Technology has indeed changed our way of living as we mostly depend on technology for our daily tasks. It does not matter what innovations the technology brings into our lives, our culture will remain the same. Technology can change the cultural values of the regions. As a company owner, you have to measure if you have instilled a strong culture or not. But how is it possible? A simple observation is the handling of new members by your company’s staff. How they treat the new members if they are from another culture or have different norms or values. 

Let us find out what are the game-changing factors and the parameters to find out the ISP that gets you the best customer support along with its steady services. 

Internet Speed

  • Internet speed is what customers look for while selecting the best ISP. Once on a survey, ISPs got an insane 4 out of 5 scores for their internet speed. Optimum clients are indeed the most satisfied customers when you consider only the internet speed. You will be surprised to know that Xfinity and RCN gave a tough challenge to each other as the difference was only about 0.02. 
  • Increasing the internet speed increased customer satisfaction for that ISP. We are in the 21st century, and the ISP with the fastest internet speed attains more customer satisfaction. If you see the reports from the last two years, the satisfaction rating for speed experienced an increase of 10%. 
  • The survey report ranks cable companies as the top three in terms of their services. However, you do not have to forget that the survey is about customer satisfaction, not the performance of the ISP. The ISPs offering the best internet speed attracted more customers and ranked as the best to meet customer satisfaction and needs. 

According to the customers, RCN is the overall best option to consider. Following are the three categories where RCN shines bright: 

  1. Monthly Bills.
  2. Installation.
  3. Assistance and Customer Support. 

The only drawback is that RCN is not available in every part of the United States. If you want to use RCN, you must be living in cities like New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and a few others. However, you cannot ignore the fact that RCN offers a fast and reliable connection. It is possibly because RCN is not available everywhere. In comparison to some widely spread networks, RCN always wins the race in terms of internet speed and reliability. 

Final Thoughts

Considering the fact that not all ISPs are available everywhere, we have shared the key parameters you should evaluate the ISP serviceable to you. If you are looking for a recommendation, we do not have to rethink before we say Mediacom customer service is one of the best. You can check LocalCableDeals, it is a one-stop-shop website where you can find all the best and affordable ISPs in the US based on your zip code. You can manually do your research by testing and evaluating all the serviceable ISPs yourself. 

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