Why Bongs Are Better Than Dry Pipes

When it comes to getting a great session and optimum drag, all avid weed smokers have their unique combination of tools and herbs.

One crucial component of each smoker’s kit is the tool. However, not all of them have the time to experiment to find the ideal setup for the best smoking experience.

Since more and more people are enjoying weed, one question is now being frequently asked – Which is ideal for smokers, dry pipes or bongs?

Bongs aren’t as portable compared to pipes. However, they’re more versatile and easier on the throat.

Meanwhile, pipes provide complete portability, discreetness, and ease of use. They’re the ideal tool for smoking on the go.

Are There Any Differences Between Bong and Pipe?

Pipes and bongs have been existing for many years. They’ve changed in a lot of ways over the years.

Smoking a pipe beaker bongs dates back hundreds of years to the Native Americans. In the 1600s, it became popular. However, most people were using tobacco instead of weed.

Since you can usually fit it inside your pocket, a lot of people prefer pipes for use on-the-go. Aside from that, they’re cheaper.

Meanwhile, bongs are a new marijuana smoking tool. It provides smooth and clean hits due to the water filtration system and percolators.

Usually, bongs are bulkier and bigger. This makes them ideal for use at home.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Dry Pipes

The traditional pipe is one of the oldest smoking tools in the world. Having been around for hundreds of years, the pipe has been made into a lot of various forms.

Today, the most popular pipe for marijuana users is the glass pipe. It’s convenient, small, and simple to use.

With just a small tube, carburetor, and a bowl, a smoking pipe has the important parts you require to get high.

A pipe provides an easy approach to getting high. Though a pipe won’t provide you the immediate intense high that a bong will, it would still do the job.

Pipes are excellent since they’re small and easy to bring with them. Unfortunately, they do easily break. This is particularly true if you choose low-quality pipes.

Make sure you always consider the durability of the tool when comparing a bong and pipe.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Bongs

Usually, bongs are utilized by new marijuana users. A lot of serious smokers also prefer bongs over pipes.

A bong is another type of smoking tool. It utilizes water as the system for filtration of the smoke before passing through.

Bongs have a cylindrical shape. Oftentimes, the bottom part is bowl-like to hold the water. When you start to inhale and ignite the herb, the smoke will pass through the water and then to the tube.

Then, the water would begin to bubble bottom bong and produce a gurgling noise. Once you fully inhale, you remove the piece of the bowl and finish the rest of the smoke.

A lot of people prefer to buy bongs since they’re extremely simple to utilize and offer an exceptional effect.

A bong will provide an intense high in a short period. This is one of the biggest advantages of bongs over pipes.

Bongs deliver a more potent smoking high due to how the smoke filters through the tube and water. This results in another advantage of bongs.

Bongs are better than dry pipes because they’re more cost-effective and efficient when it comes to getting high.

You’ll probably feel the effects of the weed even if you only took 1-2 rips. You won’t have to take another rip after that.

When you compare it to joints or pipes, smoking using a bong will help you save a lot of herbs.

Unfortunately, bongs also have a couple of drawbacks. One of these is that they’re pretty big. This means it’s hard to travel with them.

Are Bongs Better Than Pipes?

Since you’ve got a bit of information about the benefits and drawbacks of bongs and pipes for marijuana, it is time to answer the question you have in mind.

Are bongs better than dry pipes? Well, the answer greatly depends on your preferences. While a lot of people recommend using bongs, there are a few who prefer smoking pipes.

To make things simple, everything will come down to personal preference.

When to Use a Pipe

If you’re looking for smaller hits and a more mellow session, use a pipe. These are ideal for on-the-go use since you can easily travel with them. Make sure you pick a durable one.

You’ll probably prefer pipes if you also like to stay discreet while you smoke weed. Pipes can still get you extremely high. However, they will consume more marijuana to do so compared to a bong. They are much more portable so you can take them places you cant take a water pipe, like a motorcycle.

When to Use a Bong

If you’re looking for a cooler smoke and big hits, then you can use a bong. They’re ideal if you prefer smoking weed at home.

However, unlike pipes, they can get you higher and more efficiently utilize weed. In each rip, you get more smoke. Thus, you might only require a single bong hit to achieve the high that you want.

Keep in mind that smoking bong is ideal for smokers who are more experienced. If you’re a new smoker, those huge rips might be too overwhelming for you.

To make things simple, both bongs and dry pipes can provide a great smoking experience. The truth is that you likely want to have these tools on hand.

You can bring a pipe when you go on an adventure to keep you high no matter where you go. On the other hand, a bong hit is an ideal way to end a stressful day.


As you can see, it’s quite obvious that bongs are a lot better compared to pipes. This is particularly true when it comes to weed efficiency and the intensity of the high.

However, it still comes down to your personal preference. Perhaps you’re the type of guy who prefers to have mellow sessions. If that is the case, then pipes are ideal for you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a stronger high every session, then bongs are your best bet. Still, this isn’t recommended for new smokers.

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