Why does an eCommerce website need a Windows dedicated hosting server?


Best Windows Web hosting is the best way to grow your own blogging or web hosting business exponentially in a single go and all the web hosting companies are recommended to opt for this technique.

To run an eCommerce website optimally, you need a reliable, steady, and secure hosting server.  A dedicated server is known to serve everything that can be required to host a web business. Moreover, when you pick the server underlying the effective operating system, it makes a huge and positive impact on your website. It also plays a considerable role in your website’s growth. Here, you will get insightful knowledge about how a Windows dedicated server can serve as the best hosting solution for your eCommerce website. Let us begin with defining the dedicated server having Windows operating system running at its foundation. 

Definition of Windows Dedicated Server

The Windows dedicated server provides the independent as well as the isolated hosting environment. You get the whole server space and its web resources with dedicated hosting. Moreover, your hosting provider can give you full control over your server by offering you its root access. This allows you to configure the settings of your server whenever you want. You can also customize the resources, applications, software, and programs on your dedicated server anytime you desire. 

The Windows technology is utilized to run the Windows dedicated server. Since the Windows OS is designed by Microsoft corporation, you need to purchase a license to use it for hosting purposes. In general, your hosting provider includes the cost of the license in the price of Windows dedicated server hosting. 

With the dedicated hosting, you can – 

  • Run any number of scripts and applications that are needed by your eCommerce business.
  • Acquire additional web resources as and when required. 
  • Have the superior, highly consistent, and faster performance of your eCommerce website. 
  • Get the dedicated IP address for your business website. 
  • Obtain a private and secure hosting platform to operate your business website. 


Advantages of Choosing Windows Dedicated Server for E-commerce sites

The following are the vital benefits while hosting your eCommerce website on the Windows dedicated server – 


Windows renders the GUI that makes users shift to it easily without consuming much time and energy. You can get used to the Windows dedicated server environment in the least time.

Customer Support

You acquire straight-up support from one of the greatest software companies, Microsoft, for the dedicated server running on Windows. Microsoft provides credible and more than required support to a user.


With the Windows dedicated server hosting, your eCommerce website can efficiently run MS SQL, Microsoft Access, and scripts like ASP and ASP. Net, etc.  


You can execute the updates of Windows without any mind-crunching dedication. They are a one-click operation from beginning to finish.

If you opt for the reputed Windows dedicated hosting provider, you can acquire excellent technical assistance and a better level of hosting facilities. Thus, the subsequent section highlights the leading hosting company that renders the best Windows dedicated server hosting India – Wise Solution. Continue reading to get the insights!

Why is the Wise Solution the First Choice of every E-commerce owner?

wise solution windows dedicted server

Wise Solution is a popular web hosting company that provides premium web hosting services in India. You will be able to choose from a varied range of Windows dedicated server hosting plans. Each company’s plan is highly flexible and can be upgraded as per your web business needs. 

Moreover, the company is also renowned among the top-leading organizations worldwide for rendering the cheap windows dedicated server with high-grade and hyper-scale hosting facilities. You will acquire enterprise-grade hardware and robust network connectivity with a dedicated server. Check out the privileges you will obtain with the company’s Windows dedicated server hosting –

Root Control

You will get root access to your dedicated server from the company. This will let you configure, run, and manage your server on your own. 

High Bandwidth

Your business website will obtain the high bandwidth that makes it possible for you to easily handle heavily loaded multimedia. Also, you will be able to explore your eCommerce business services on a larger network.

Easy to scale

You can easily scale up the resources of the Windows dedicated server with the company. You will just have to raise a ticket or email the company about your needs. And the scaling-up process will be done in no time. This will help you to optimize the performance of  CPU, RAM, and processor for the highest performance.

Advanced Security

The company provides advanced security features with its all servers. Your business website will acquire the secure walls of firewalls, anti-virus, DDoS protection, and other security layers. Thus, your data will get protection against every unauthorized access.

Round-the-Clock Support

The company’s Windows dedicated server comes with the managed services. You will get 24/7 support from a skillful and certified professional team for the instant solution to all your problems. 


Commonly, you will find dedicated hosting plans either with Windows OS or Linux OS. They both tend to deliver unique features and benefits. However, eCommerce businesses running on .Net technologies can acquire the right support only with the Windows dedicated server. Moreover, the dedicated server with Windows provides easy accessibility and a friendly interface to those new to the hosting industry. You can reach out to the Wise Solution company to resolve your inquiries or acquire more information about the Windows dedicated server hosting. Or, you can also peep into the company’s website for the same –


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