Why Does Your Cat Meow at You so Much?

We like cats’ capacity to communicate with us through their various acts and unique ways. Some cats will purr, while others will paw at you to show their affection and loyalty. Other cats will meow, whether for a few seconds or an extended period. When your cat’s meowing gets excessive, there are several things you may do to assist him in becoming less loud and quieter. Never scold or shout at your cat for meowing excessively.

Reasons for meow-ing: 

  • It may have a long-term impact on your cat’s meowing behaviour and will frighten your cat. At first, your cat may meow merely to get your attention so that they may play or eat. However, if your cat is simply bored or lonely and wants to have a good time, the meowing might become excessive. Most pet insurance NZ policies did not cover preventative treatment like vaccines or elective operations. If your veterinarian discovers a medical problem, cat insurance can help you save money on medical expenses. Aside from the cost of the pet health insurance, there are other several factors to consider while looking for the best one.


  • When you moved out of your house or apartment, got a new cat or dog, or even changed your work schedule, your cat’s meowing may have become excessive. Some cats are susceptible, and even changing your furniture or moving their bed might make them feel uneasy. An excessively sensitive kitten may meow in response to the change but will typically accept the new change when it is ready. 


  • When your cat meows excessively, attempt to ignore it, move away from it, and wait for a minute or until it stops meowing. Kitten insurance protects a pet from ongoing problems for the duration of the pet’s life, and thus if a condition is claimed for in the first year, it is not excluded in later years. Most cheap dog insurance policies will cover up to 90% of the expenditures, which may be a huge financial relief. Hopefully, you have pet insurance in place before any medical issue arises and the disease is deemed pre-existing. 


  • Every time you react to the excessive meowing, you reinforce the unacceptable behaviour. Your cat will calm down if you wait it out. If you pet your cat, they will associate quiet time with being rubbed, which is a pleasant experience. Cats will occasionally meow excessively if they are bored. 


  • Kittens and adult cats require regular exercise and stimulation, and it is critical to schedule time for interactive play twice per day. To get your cat moving, throw a mouse. A weary cat is a peaceful cat. Some cats like chatting, and their owners don’t mind replying to their meowing. However, if the meowing disturbs you, you may teach your cat to stop by asking it. When your cat meows, you might gently tell him to “be quiet” or simply “quiet.” 


  • After some effort, your cat should grasp what “silent” means and quit. Once your cat has calmed down, be sure to pat or massage her down to reinforce good behaviour positively. If your cat has begun to meow excessively and nothing has changed in your environment, make an appointment with your veterinarian. Your cat may be sick or injured, and a trip to the vet is the best way to find out right away. If your vet determines your cat is not unwell or wounded, you must examine your cat’s behaviour to determine why your cat is meowing and then respond accordingly.

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