Why Flutter might be the best choice for your next project

Since the Flutter launch, it has quickly become the first choice for every single mobile developer. As it provides an abundance of features that plays a great as well as an important role to meet the requirements of their valuable clients, and it is easy to use with Flutter! Prior to delving into a long list of features, let us first comprehend Flutter. Flutter is an open-source SDK that’s built on top of the programming language named Dart. Flutter offers a clean modern design with great power to create any kind of application. You can use this framework in React Native or in any other native platform, all without having to be anxious about switching languages.

Flutter’s Google mobile application SDK enables app developers to create beautiful native experiences on both platforms with one codebase. Flutter has been designed from the ground up to assist app developers as well as designers of a reliable mobile app development company to develop modern mobile applications that feel natural on different platforms. This implies that your valuable users will get a consistent experience across all of their devices while still getting access to the unique platform features of each device they use.

Also, you can leverage your existing Java/Kotlin or Obj C/Swift knowledge when developing mobile apps with this framework as it utilizes familiar concepts like widgets instead of web views which are utilized by other cross-platform frameworks such as Xamarin Forms or React Native. This makes it easier than ever before to build great-looking applications without having any prior experience with either iOS development or Android development! And in case you have quite some experience but do not want to learn new languages then we have got good news too – you can write parts of your application in Swift / Java / Kotlin! Now there really is not any single thing stopping you from creating amazing mobile applications!

If you use Flutter to develop an app then you have complete control over how your mobile app looks and feels – from fonts to colors to layouts. You do not have to be anxious about compatibility concerns b/w platforms or hardware specs as everything is designed in one place! And if that was not enough already…it also offers the most powerful toolkit for building natively on mobile devices! You can develop your next project with Flutter in just a few minutes without any extensive experience with mobile application development.

Why is it worth using the Flutter Mobile App Development Framework? 


Flutter has so many pros over other mobile app development frameworks, so it is worth taking the time to learn more about Flutter. Grab the flutter pros by simply scrolling and reading the below write-up.

  1. Open-source

Since Flutter was released by Google in May 2017, Flutter has become the first choice of developers. The best and coolest feature of this framework is that you can glance at & tweak the code. This makes it an eye-catchy option for developers, especially for those developers who want more control over their code base. Some of our favorite features are its Material Design UI elements which make it easy to develop beautiful mobile applications in record time. The mobile application can be compiled into Android or iOS binaries with one command line tool which is well-known by the name “Cross Compile”. So if you want to create cross-platform mobile applications, give Flutter a try! Or you can simply connect to a top-rated flutter app development company, or you can hire flutter developers who have good experience in developing Flutter apps.

  1. Large community of mobile application developers

It is believed that the next big leap in technology will be made on mobile devices, so mobile application developers of any reliable mobile app development company should have access to all of the tools they require for success. That’s why the Flutter framework came into existence– an open-source Software Development Kit for building beautiful applications that run across iOS as well as Android. It also has a large community of mobile developers of flutter development agency who are passionate about helping each other succeed with their projects.

With the help of Flutter, your application can share code b/w platforms while still taking the benefits of platform-specific features. You do not have to compromise while designing your user experience either because Flutter supports Material Design and Cupertino (iOS) widgets out of the box! And if you do require something custom, Flutter’s flexible framework allows you to extend UI components easily with your own stateful logic and new visual elements without having to start from scratch every time.

  1. Flutter utilizes the Dart programming language

Dart is an object-oriented programming language that has strong compile-time checks that support concurrency & parallelism. By utilizing Dart, the Flutter framework enables mobile application developers of a reliable and leading flutter app development company to create high-performing mobile applications that are also quite simple and easy for users. The strong compile-time checks make it possible for them to come up with concurrency and parallelism in their mobile apps without any risk of error.

By using one codebase, you can develop for iOS as well as Android at the same time 

Flutter framework cannot import native code such as Java or Kotlin (for Android) directly, but thanks to the Dart Virtual Machine (DXVM), it is able to run any non-Javascript code. There are packages available for utilizing both Android & iOS APIs out there – making cross-platform development much easier than ever! We at ionicfirebase, being a leading flutter app development agency, make sure to cover some of them here.

Hot Reloading

Hot reloading allows you to test out new features without having to re-compile your mobile application every single time! Flutter’s this feature speeds up development time by enabling app developers of a trustworthy mobile app development company to see changes they make to code in near-real-time. This permits app developers of a reliable flutter development company to quickly iterate on their code, making it easier to create beautiful, high-quality applications.

Flutter’s reactive framework permits you to create responsive UIs that feel natural on all devices – even ones such as Apple Watch where there is no keyboard! The best part about the flutter framework is how fast it makes development go – you will be able to develop mobile apps quicker than ever before!

So, Flutter is surely a perfect choice for your next project as it offers great UX, beautiful designs, and easy-to-use development tools. With the Flutter framework, you can create high-quality mobile applications with ease that will look great on any device. 

Is Flutter actually a Good Solution from the Business Perspective?


There are a few things that pose a drastic value for businesses. These things are its performance, the stability of a platform, and a wide talent pool – it’s relatively quite easy to hire app developer – and the surety of successful further technology product development as well as improvement. The reason is that concerns and flaws in a technology or platform in any of the listed factors evoke the risk occurrence, along with direct/indirect financial losses for your firm.

From this opinion, the Flutter framework minimizes the risks for your business:

  • no concerns with product development are probable to occur since Google is creating Fuchsia Operating System, which works with the Flutter framework simply fine
  • Utilizing the Flutter framework will not cause you trouble finding engineers as there are already thousands of fans among Android app developers in the community.
  • Ease of integration: the list of global industries using the Flutter framework keeps extending with such representatives as Google Ads, Reflectly, Alibaba, AppTree, and My Leaf, which is proof of Flutter’s uncompromised quality.

All these factors make Flutter a solution for a business to prevent obstacles to seeking professionals, adjusting to new technologies, & integrating the tool into the particular system. Flutter framework poses minimal risks to a business & therefore is worth being the number one choice for your business.

Why Flutter?

 Let us check out the most outstanding Flutter framework benefits:

  • the mobile application’s User Interface and logic do not change depending on the platform
  • faster code development
  • Enhanced time-to-market speed
  • close to native application performance
  • enormous User Interface customization potential
  • separate rendering engine
  • no reliance on platform-specific User Interface components
  • suitable for any target platform
  • minimizes the losses and risks for your business

Basically, the Flutter framework is the quickest way to deliver a well-performing cross-platform mobile app as per the flutter app development company. Well, we can say it’s just a matter of time when Flutter will officially become the ultimate cross-platform User Interface framework.

How can Ionicfirebase help you in your next Flutter Application Development Project?

Flutter is one of the finest and most promptly evolving of all the existing technologies, and it is launched and supported by Google, which implies excellent supporting documents and constant evolution. This is a direct reply to why to utilize flutter. After deciding on the kind of mobile application you are developing and the framework to be utilized i.e. Flutter framework, all you require is a leading Flutter app development service from a leading on demand app development company. And Ionicfirebase stands first in the list of leading Flutter app development agencies.

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