Why Indian Grocery Stores in the Netherlands Totally Sold Out?

Saniya is an immigrant in the Netherlands and planned for an Indian cuisine lunch for her friends. But she has limited ghee in her house and went out to the Indian grocery stores looking out for the same. Ghee was out of stock in these stores, and she was left with no other option instead to cancel the plan.

Looking out for Indian Groceries in foreign countries is always a tiring task. This is because of the limited supplies, and stores dealing with it are mostly stocked out, especially during festive seasons and weekends.

To meet up the increased demands, various Indian setups have been launched in these foreign countries. But options for Indian supplies are available at higher rates comparatively. However, despite these rates, they are out of stock for most of their products., the most prominent Indian Grocery Store in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe, claims to provide real and authentic Indian taste with snacks, spices, herbs and other items. However, all these products at this store are available at cheaper rates. This is the reason that products in the store are also mostly out of stock.

Why so much demand for Indian Groceries in the Netherlands?

Indian cuisine has attracted the attention of foreigners worldwide. Adding to the numbers are increasing Indian immigrants in the Netherlands every year, searching for the homely food taste in foreign countries.

Adding to these factors are increased trends to showcase culinary skills on social media platforms. With the pandemic, various trends have hit the internet, showcasing cooking skills remaining at the top.

Moreover, the Indian festive season is almost around the corner. Rakhi is only less than two weeks away. This has led to the rush in the Indian markets, be it in the home country or native country.

Furthermore, third-wave risks are also increasing the apprehension regarding the subsequent lockdown. Therefore, people are trying to collect enough stock for the lockdown period.

Social gatherings have also increased after the pandemic. People are making frequent plans with their friends and family members. Most of the citizens are avoiding going out to restaurants and other public places. Instead, they are planning house parties, themselves preparing the food.

These all factors have collectively contributed to the increased demands for Indian groceries in the foreign country. People are constantly showing their interest in Indian food preparations for festivals or social media trends. Not only preparations, but they are also trying to stock up enough supplies for their families to eliminate the problems faced during first and second lockdowns.

Indian food and weather also have an invisible connection. For example, rainy foods demand pakoras and chai, summers demand chilled dairy food preparations like buttermilk, and winters demand ghee-loaded hot Indian chapatis with some Indian spicy vegetables. The Netherlands is experiencing a rainy season, contributing to the factors for increased Indian grocery products demand.

How to Do Online Shopping for Indian groceries?

With increased demand comes easy and multiple solutions. For example, there are various options for online Indian grocery stores delivering their orders in all parts of Europe. All you need to do is analyze the policy for all these websites, compare them and go for the best ones.

While shortlisting the best stores, you should always acknowledge their returns and shipping policies. In addition, these stores mostly have some or the other discount offers running over their products. These will help you grab the essentials at discounted prices with some additional future perks.

Online shopping gives you the ease of placing orders from your devices, no matter where you are. Customers only need to ensure that they have entered accurate delivery addresses to eliminate any other problems.

Select the item you are looking for, add them to your cart, apply the best deal or coupon code, check out with multiple payment options, confirm the delivery date, sit back and relax. You will get the orders delivered to your place.

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Moreover, most of these Indian Grocery Stores, including, will deliver your orders the same day of order placement. Therefore, they do not cost additional shipping charges and claim to provide you with fresh supplies at cheaper rates.

Adding to these benefits are multiple discounts offers, coupon codes, cashback, and bundle offers. So, check out the item you are looking for under these categories and pay only half of the total prices, with some cashback and reward points for future orders as well.


If you are also planning to throw a party and looking out for Indian spices and herbs, go check out the available online options for Indian grocery stores. These stores, including, will deliver your orders to your doorstep without any additional charges.

Check out the running offers and active coupon codes on these websites, apply them to your cart, and get the best quality products at the lowest possible rates.

Hurry before the codes expire!

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