Why Live Dealer Casinos Are So Popular

If a live dealer casino piques your interest, but you’re still in doubt whether to play it or not, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will share with you why a live dealer casino is worth playing. 

So let’s go straight off on why live dealer casinos are so popular.

  • Quality Studios

Many sites offering a live dealer casino provide quality studios that instantly make the players feel reverted to the traditional casino atmosphere. Other than its authentic environment, virtual casinos use special cameras that offer high-definition streaming, by using different cameras focusing on different angles.

Live casinos usually have three cameras focusing on the dealer, the table, and a wider angle capturing the whole game from the dealer to the background. Thus, live casinos record every detail that happens in the game.

  • Device Compatibility

A live dealer casino was first introduced in PCs and MACs since mobile phones before have fewer features. Now that smartphones are continuously evolving and almost reached their peak, players can play live dealer casinos anytime and anywhere.

Also, with high-definition graphics and a better viewing screen, playing live casinos is made easy on smartphones.

  • High-Speed Connection

Other than smart devices, internet connections nowadays provide the highest speeds of all time and are made available across the world. With technology, players can enjoy live dealer casinos without interruption and have seamless live streaming.

So the innovation of devices and fast internet has paved the way for a better live dealer casino experience.

  • Enhance Chat Function

Unlike online casinos, what makes live dealer casinos so popular is the ability of players to interact with the dealers. Although some prefer to have fun, many players like to chitchat with live dealers while playing. 

With the chat function feature, players can ask questions by typing in the chatbox, and it will pop up on the dealer’s screen. Then the dealer will respond verbally. In addition, players can interact with other players in the game. Thus, live dealer casinos are much more interactive.

  • Lower Bets

If you haven’t been into a land-based casino, you can opt to live dealer casino is a cost-effective way to experience gambling. While the entertainment in real casinos is undeniably worth spending, opting to live dealer casinos will cost you less, especially if you have a lower budget. 

Most brick-and-mortar casinos will require a minimum of around $25 to place relatively high bets, considering you’re a beginner.

  • Game Variety

The best part of playing with live dealer casinos is that they offer a selection of games with several varieties. From Baccarat, blackjack to roulette, you can play different variations of these classic games, as well as play side bets.

Moreover, if you’re looking for more games to learn, you can go with Caribbean stud, Casino hold’em, Dragon Tiger, or Dream Catcher.

  • Players Trust Live Dealers

Some may find it hard to gamble if AI is handling their bets. So players are more comfortable playing with live dealers as they can see that their bet is fairly handled. In addition, live dealers casinos seem more legit than playing without human interaction.

  • Additional Features

Aside from all the reasons stated above, live dealer casinos have become popular due to their upgraded features. Players can now bet behind if the table is full and easier to determine the value of card overlays and chips.

Furthermore, it comes with signal lights indicating a time limit to place bets, allowing players to give tips to dealers and a wider viewing screen for a better gambling experience.

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