Why remove make-up before going to sleep?

Removing make-up before going to sleep is one of the oldest tips for taking care of facial skin. This procedure should be a routine for all women who use makeup, as not doing it is counterproductive for this part of the body.

Makeup is part of the daily life of many women, but while it is very easy to apply, it often happens that removing it is a complicated job. This means that many times, at the end of the day, it is not removed, which is a big mistake.

Currently, there are products on the market that make this task easier for us. It is no longer necessary to make natural masks with cumbersome procedures. Just by going to the web, you can place an order for your favorite items according to the type of skin you have.

What happens when the makeup is not removed?

One of the most serious consequences of not removing make-up before sleeping is that cell regeneration does not occur. This phase happens every night, as well as the elimination of free radicals that serve to rejuvenate the skin. However, when there is the presence of residues on the skin, it is impossible for both procedures to be carried out.

Another problem that is triggered over time is the loss of elasticity, hydration, and luminosity. Therefore, we will lose the opportunity to maintain a fresh and youthful epidermis on the face. Without forgetting that the contour of the eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyes will show deterioration.

Skin diseases are another reason to worry, too. Leaving makeup on the face causes the skin to dry out and the much-hated acne to appear. In the worst case, a diagnosis of dermatitis or allergies can be presented. The latter will require special medical treatment.

The correct procedure to remove make-up before going to sleep

The first thing you should know before buying a product is the type of skin you have. This can be greasy, dry, delicate, or mixed. Depending on this category you will make the purchase of your cleaning supplies. But one thing is for sure, a makeup remover cloth is a must-have.

Once you have the aforementioned information, what follows is to remove makeup. This step is essential to remove all excess makeup that is on the face. In the event that you use waterproof products, your makeup remover must be able to remove this type of residue. Otherwise, you won’t get a deep clean.

Then it’s time to apply the cleansing gel. The gel is important to finish cleaning the face, as it penetrates more deeply into the pores. Then the tonic should be applied. This liquid is essential to balance the PH levels that are altered with the first washing stage. Lastly, you can add a moisturizer.

Complements for 100% cleaning

Although we have already mentioned what are the steps to do a cleaning, there are always other articles that complement this procedure. One of the most recommended is the cleansing foam for the contour of the eyes and lashes. The foam has been created with the purpose of removing all impurities without causing damage or irritation. In addition to hydrating, it preserves the acid mantle of these areas, thus avoiding dryness.

Now, if the objective is to reduce the steps of cleaning, it is possible to resort to cleansing lotion. In this way, the chances of irritation and dehydration in the epidermis of the face are reduced. Once you’ve done the above method, using a blotting paper can provide a final clean because it will absorb any particles that are left on your facial skin.

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