Why should you Sell Online Courses on Your Own Website?

Platforms to create and sell online courses vs your own platform to create and sell courses online. We have discussed bout it in our previous article and in today’s article, we will discuss why you should sell online through your own website. We agree that we live in a customer-focused society. The rivalry to sell courses online has expanded dramatically for course owners. This is especially true for career starts who are struggling to succeed in this era of e-learning. Previously, the marketplace was the most obvious location to sell courses. In fact, many of you have probably used the platform to sell courses online in past.

Without a question, these marketplaces have played a vital part in the success of countless online course firms. However, some drawbacks make your own website far superior to a marketplace. This post is a detailed analysis of a platform to sell courses online vs self-owned platforms to create and sell online courses. Let us begin.

  1. Budget Constraints

Creating a website today is neither expensive nor requires the assistance of a professional web developer. Various no-code/low-code platforms make creating your own website a breeze. When you choose a platform to develop your course, creating a website is entirely free and can be customized to meet your specific demands.

  1.     A larger Audience Reach

This may come as a surprise to you. You may be wondering how one might reach a larger audience than a well-known marketplace. The solution is simpler than you think. Selling online courses from your own website has no geographical limitations, and you can reach any part of the world using your website. Many marketplaces impose restrictions on the number of viewers and individuals to whom you can sell your product.

  1.     Brand Recognition

Building a brand is difficult, but it is well worth the effort. Providing your learners with round-the-clock access and assistance helps to boost the visibility of your brand among the audience and make your course recognized. According to statistics, 60% of learners purchase online courses after reading reviews. Maintain high-quality content and make your website user-friendly to attract more reviews.

  1.     Marketing Freedom

Selling courses necessitates a comprehensive marketing strategy that cannot be achieved in a marketplace. This is only achievable if you have your own selling website where you can sketch out and implement any approach that generates leads for your course. You can even run adverts on social media networks to raise awareness of your course.

  1.     Making Connections

Another advantage of selling from your own website is that you may develop an emotional connection with your audience. Every course designer should ideally interact with their audience before the start of the course to learn everything they can about them. This is only possible if you sell the course through your own website. A marketplace does not allow you to communicate with your learners, and you will never have the opportunity to discover more about them.

  1.     Keeping Track of Customer Insights

Catering to the audience’s needs can help you gain the loyalty of your students. This is also true for a course seller. However, this can only be done through your website and not through a marketplace because your website allows you to track your customers’ visits and needs in order to adapt a course to their needs. To view visitor details, you may easily integrate the free tools into your website.

  1.     Personalization Options

This is most likely the most significant distinction. Unlike a marketplace, which simply provides a standard templated homepage for your course, establishing your own website for your course allows you to reach substantial levels of personalization. Personalization makes your course more engaging and is one of the main reasons why many students choose your course.

  1.     High Return on Investment

As we saw in the last part, selling from your own website provides a higher ROI than selling on a marketplace. Typically, no commissions, listing fees, or service charges will stymie your profits. Every rupee made through your website is yours.


Now we have reached the last section of today’s article and we believe you have understood that you have understood everything about the perks of a self-owned website to create and sell online courses. It will help you to build your brand, and reach a wider audience and earnings.

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