Why With Sunscreen For Sensitive Face, Do I Still Get Burnt?

If you’re dutifully applying sunscreen for sensitive face every time you’re going out into sunlight, but you’re STILL getting burnt, you will want to know why. Nothing happens without a reason, so if you’re using your sunscreen properly, there’s no reason why it should happen. 

That said, sometimes you need to think laterally and look at not just what you ARE doing, but also what you’re not. Even if the pointers we give you here aren’t news to you, they should provide a handy reminder.

Are You Waiting Long Enough?

While mineral sunscreen works the moment it’s applied, chemical sunscreen typically takes up to 30 minutes to provide the proper protection from UV rays, mainly because it needs to be absorbed first. So, if you are using chemical-based sunscreen for sensitive face and you’re going out into the sun straight away, that could be the source of your problem.

Is Your SPF High Enough For Your Needs?

Another reason why you might still be getting burnt is that you might be using an SPF that’s not quite as high as it needs to be. Dermatologists recommend at least an SPF 30 for everyone, but if you’ve got any kind of skin issues, it could be that you might need to switch to an SPF 50 instead.

Are You Using a Spray Sunscreen?

There’s nothing quite as convenient in sunscreen terms as those that are applied using a spray. However, due to how easy they go on, it can be harder to spot areas that you’ve not covered properly. If you were to switch to regular sunscreen for sensitive face or even a stick, it takes quite a bit more work to get it into the skin, meaning you’re less likely to leave any skin uncovered.

Are You Reapplying More Often When Swimming?

The experts tell us to reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours depending on circumstances, however, if you’re spending time at the beach and some of it is in the water, you should be reapplying every time you come back on land. This principle also applies if you’re sweating a lot, as perspiration can cause the protection your sunscreen provides to degrade significantly.

Sun Protection Is Vital – And So How Is How It’s Used

What the major takeaway from reading this blog should be is that it’s not enough to simply wear sunscreen for sensitive face every time you go out. You also need to pay attention to all the other factors that affect how well it protects your skin. 

The type of product you’re using, how often you’re using it, what you’re doing while out in the sun and the kind of skin you have are all factors that need to be thought about.

Coverage issues can be helped a lot by having a partner there to help you cover missed areas, but if you happen to be on your own, it’s all about taking the necessary time to get things done properly. 

So, make sure you do things right, take note of the points we’ve raised here and you’ll be just fine.

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