WIFI or Bluetooth Headphones: Which One Is Better?

WIFI or Wireless internet for iPod? Those two terms just come from the same word, Wireless Internet for iPod. If you have an iPod and connect it to the World Wide Web with a wireless router, then you are probably thinking of getting WIFI or Bluetooth headphones. So which one is better? Should you choose WIFI or Bluetooth?

WIFI stands for Wireless Internet for iPod

With WIFI, you can get the signal from the laptop or a cell phone to the computer, using the wireless broadband connection. Once you get the signal, then you can either dial in a number or call a designated landline number to get through to whoever is at the other end. That’s pretty much all the information needed to talk on the phone. But did you know that using WIFI or the best Bluetooth headphones can help you talk much farther than just a few feet?

WIFI works on a basic principle called RF interference

This happens when you use WIFI in a crowded area, where the signals coming into your line are caused by other wireless devices, including cell phones and cordless phones. When your WIFI is used in these areas, the signal gets decoded and interpreted by the device it’s tied to. Usually the device interprets the signal and translates it into something that your phone will understand. If the phone can’t understand the signal for some reason, then it simply will not go through.

If your WIFI can’t handle a good signal, then there’s another option – get a Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth headsets use radio frequencies to transmit the signal to another device, like a receiver. This makes WIFI obsolete. Also, Bluetooth headphones work with a short-range. It won’t work if you’re trying to talk to someone who’s standing twenty feet away from you!

The latest Bluetooth earpieces have microphones built right in

So all you need is a speaker. The speaker can be placed virtually anywhere, on top of your WIFI or behind your back. WIFI is perfect for long conversations over coffee (when your coffee isn’t quite warm), or when you want to talk in a large group.

Bluetooth speakers work in a variety of ways. Some models let you adjust the volume, allowing you to adjust the quality of the sound according to the volume level preferred. This is a big plus over cellular phones, which often make sounds too loud for comfortable listening. Other models allow you to answer the phone while the speaker is transmitting, so you never miss a single call.

Most people prefer to use a Bluetooth speaker instead of a wired earpiece

You don’t have to deal with wires or chargers. All you need is a small plug-in that connects to your WIFI. No messy chargers, wires or chargers. That’s really a big plus of the Bluetooth earpieces – no need to carry bulky things around when you need to use your phone.

When you do buy a Bluetooth earpiece for your WIFI, be sure to check and see if it works with any of your current phones. If you like a certain brand or type of phone, then you will want to get the same earpiece with that model. Otherwise, you may end up getting two earphones that work with different models. Some wireless companies even offer compatibility with older cell phones.

If you travel a lot with your laptop

You may want to consider a docking station for your earpiece. These are often quite compact and can be easily transported in your laptop case. Many of these devices will also allow you to charge your cell phone while you work. These can be found at places such as Best Buy or Circuit City. The advantage of these types of headphones is that they are usually quite inexpensive.

Another option you have for a mobile WIFI is a docking station. These types of earphones will have their own power adapter that connects to your laptop. You will want to make sure that you follow the instructions in your manufacturer’s manual to ensure the proper placement and connections. It is important that your earpiece has the required power and signal options in order to work effectively.


If you’re looking for a nice piece of kit that you can use in the privacy of your own home, you should consider purchasing a pair of Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. These will be more convenient than most other types of headphones as you don’t have to stop your car to plug them in or stand by the phone/data plan to charge them. The advantages of these headphones include portability, convenience and price. With the large variety of Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, it’s possible to find the style and model that works best for you.

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