Calculate The Statistics Of Your Word Count With a Free Online Tool


You are reading content but need to know the length of the crisp piece of content. The online word count tools help you find the number of words you read. It is also helpful in measuring the words of your content.

Apart from measuring the length of words, some tools allow you to calculate the characters and improve your writing style, grammar mistakes, and plagiarism. You can use the tool by typing and copying, and pasting your content to get the information. 

What does the word count tool do for you? 

When you add your content to the tool, it measures the words and letters of the content. If you are using the tool and suddenly your device gets powered off, the tool will autosave your data, and you will again get your data without being destroyed. Not only this, if you want to check the length of your existing file, you need to copy and paste the content in the space given, and you will get all the information instantly. 

How is word counter helpful? 

Your author asked you to write an article, blog, assignment, and another writing sample by specifying the length of the content. It is the best tool that informs you about your content’s length. 

Sometimes, you get some unseen mistakes suddenly and want to correct them; the tool helps you to edit your file and modify it according to your requirement.

It reduces the hassle and effort that you put into counting the words. Additionally, it keeps your eyesight healthy and maintained. 

Features of word counter 

Developing a tool is challenging but developing an accurate and featured tool is tricky and time-consuming. We have launched a fully featured and competent tool to make your writing task smooth and hassle-free. Our tool has features like 

  • The tool is 100% free and accurate. 
  • It is equipped with a super-fast interface and advanced algorithm.
  • You can check your file online on the website, as this tool requires no installation. 
  • No matter what device you use to measure your file’s word counter by Preplained, the tool is compatible with all devices. 
  • Despite the location specificity, you can use the tool anywhere and anytime. 

Who can use the word counter for word count? 

While typing something, everyone wants to keep informed about the exact length of the file. Sometimes, you need this tool to meet the accurate exceptions you have made before writing the content. There needs to be more specificity among the users, as anyone who wants to know the length of their file can use it. 


Students are often asked to write a short answer of a specific length in schools and colleges and make the assignments. They have to make lengthy content to meet the word requirements. They sometimes need to write an essay for admission purposes. For all these purposes, they need a quick and accurate counter that reduces the hassle of checking their file words.  

Digital marketers- Content Writers and bloggers 

Writers set their daily writing limit and make it their hobby to meet and achieve their targets. The tool helps them stay informed whether they complete their task. They can also check the length of metadata, descriptions, and job titles. 

Job seekers 

Many job seekers must prepare a cover letter to meet the word requirements. For example, applicants must write 1500 words to mention their work expertise in one file. The counter is the best technique for them to count the words.

Online business owners 

Business owners running their online businesses need the words of the product description. It will help check the terms and characters correctly. 

How is our tool different from others? 

It may be a new and innovative technology to ease your task. Word counter makes your work feasible and gives you accurate results. The influential marketing tool helps you to get the exact information for your content and other writing stuff.

Although many marketers are introducing the word count tool, they give breached results. We are conscious of meeting your word deadlines and letter measurement. We offer you different tools from others due to various reasons. 

  • You can check the letter count along with the word count 
  • There is zero clutter in the results that our tool offer
  • Its features make it more than a word counter 
  • Easy and free to use Preplained tool
  • It gives you concise and exact results 
  • Allows you to get a summary of your working scenario 


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