Worried after a car accident in LA? Check essential aspects of California laws

Los Angeles is infamous for its traffic and busy roads. As a driver, you probably do everything possible to stay away from trouble, but when someone else is negligent and causes a mishap, you need to focus on seeking compensation. The first thing worth knowing is the fault-based system in California. If a driver is found accountable for a car accident, they are also responsible for injuries and losses endured by others involved in the situation. It is okay to feel stressed about the circumstances, but before you take a major step, learn more here about laws in the state.

The Statute of Limitations

The Statute of Limitations is a law that determines the deadline for personal injury lawsuits. If you want to sue the other party, you must adhere to the law and file the lawsuit within two years. The clock starts running from the day of the crash or the date of injury. When the case is only about vehicle damage, you have three years to take action. Remember that the time cap is only limited to lawsuits.

Comparative negligence

Many states don’t allow you to recover anything if you are liable for the accident in any manner. Fortunately, California laws are not like that. The state has the pure comparative negligence rule, which means you can file a lawsuit even when you are mostly responsible for the crash. However, the fault percentage determines what you get from the settlement awarded to you. For instance, if you sued the other party successfully and got $100,000 in compensation, but you were 50% at fault, you can only recover $50,000.

Should you consult an accident lawyer?

As a San Francisco car accident lawyer, understanding the statute of limitations in California is crucial for individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents.

The short answer is yes. While you could be dealing with financial losses after the accident, that shouldn’t prevent you from seeking legal help. The best law firms in LA don’t charge anything until you win, which allows you to collaborate with a lawyer for recovering compensation. Lawyers have handled numerous such cases and have the expertise to navigate the legal system. They can also work with the insurance adjuster and ensure you don’t accept the initial offer, which is unlikely to suffice. The contingency fee is coupled with a free consultation session, which means you can discuss the facts of the case and get an assessment before you take a significant step.

Call an experienced law firm today to discuss your car accident claim.

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