Your Guide to Finding the Best Online Real Estate School

Your Guide to Finding the Best Online Real Estate School

In this day and age, receiving a real estate license is easier than ever before—thanks to online real estate schools. From the comfort of your own home, you can learn everything you need to know to pass your state’s real estate exam and start your career as a real estate agent. The first step to beginning this journey is to find the best online real estate school available and enroll in the proper course.

Not sure where to start? Rather than blindly choosing a real estate school in your area, industry professionals recommend familiarizing yourself with the characteristics of quality online real estate education providers. Developing an understanding of what separates top educational institutions from sub-par training centers will provide you with the tools necessary to search for, evaluate, and finally choose the best possible online real estate school available to you.

6 things to look for in an online real estate school

Flexible Classes

An online real estate school should offer you opportunities to attend classes on your own terms. As you search for real estate training programs, pay close attention to schools that allow students to participate whenever they choose. The best possible model is known as the “reverse classroom,” in which students spend the majority of their time learning the content on their own, and then attend virtual classes with their instructor to ask questions and receive individualized support. Rather than wasting your time in a physical classroom listening to lectures and spending hours at home trying to make sense of the material, the approach is “flipped,” providing you with opportunities to develop further understanding so you can pass the state exam with ease.

Qualified Instructors

What separates a quality online real estate school from the rest are their instructors. When looking for real estate courses in Sydney, look at their website for faculty profiles, paying specific attention to the amount of training and experience their instructors have with both real estate and education. After all, you should be able to rest assured that your teacher knows basic learning theories and has a nuanced understanding of what it takes to be a real estate professional in your state. As you look through course offerings, look for terms and conditions that guarantee that the instructor will be available when you need to chat, ideally via email, phone calls, and video chats.

Usable Resources

The best online real estate schools don’t base their programs on lectures and tests—rather, they provide their students with a wide variety of resources that will increase the chances of learning the material and preparing for the exam. Pay close attention to what textbook a school uses; some schools have developed resources that have even been adopted by the state. Make sure there are other resources available too, such as audiobooks and practice exams, which will provide you with multiple opportunities to engage with the course content and gauge your understanding. Some schools will even provide prospective students with a sample class, informative articles about current trends, and access to a network of real estate professionals already working in the field.

Positive Testimonials

Student experiences will provide you with insight into what an online real estate school is really like from their perspective. When looking through a prospective school’s website, pay attention to the testimonials, if they have any. Students shouldn’t only be talking about whether they liked the program, but what particular aspects worked well for them. Things to keep an eye out for including the ease in participating, the amount of support received from instructors, and the success rate of obtaining a license after attending the school. After looking through their website, you should also look for reviews elsewhere on the internet.

Proven Results 

High-quality real estate schools usually share their pass rates on their website. As you narrow down your choices, take note of schools that have pass rates up to 30% higher than their competitors. Also, the best schools available will also offer a wide range of guarantees, from test pass guarantees to course completion guarantees—these guarantees will ensure that you can rest easy knowing that after completing the course, you can take the state exam and pass, thus enabling you to become a real estate agent.

Payment Options

Lastly, make sure that any real estate school that you’re considering enrolling in offers you payment options, as well as guarantees. For instance, the best schools offer money-back guarantees for those who need to change their plans, as well as price match guarantees for people that are trying to find the lowest price possible when preparing for their real estate exam. They should also offer payment plans and education waivers, allowing students from a variety of backgrounds to enroll in their courses.

Enroll in an online real estate school today

Now is the time to apply to an online real estate school and start preparing for your real estate exam—doing so will allow you to become a real estate agent in no time.


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