Your Pet Style Guide to the Latest Luxury Pet Accessories

Almost 90% of Americans love their pets like members of their families. Like any family member, you want the best for your furry friend and you want them to feel appreciated and look good.

The best way to do that is through luxury pet accessories! Luxury accessories are the perfect way for fur parents to make sure their pets are comfortable, happy, and looking good all the time. However, without knowing what you’re looking for, you can end up spending too much money on pet accessories that your pet doesn’t even like! 

In the interest of helping your pet look good without breaking the bank, we put together this guide to the best and most stylish things you should add to your collection. Read on to learn more! 

Stylish Neck Accessories 

It’s often said that fashion is pain, but this expression only works when it comes to high heels. It shouldn’t apply to your pets. Your pet should feel good in what they wear. 

The best additions to your pet wardrobe are collars and other neck accessories. Pets can wear them comfortably, and won’t be bothered by them. With sweaters, shoes, and other accessories, although they look good, your pet might squirm or be uncomfortable. 

The most expensive pet collar in the world is absolutely dripping in diamonds. It’s called Amour Amour and is worth a whopping $3.2 million dollars! However, there are a wide variety of styles available for every budget.

This means you can get affordable pieces of cat and dog fashion that look just as good as Amour Amour. 

For instance, this site offers the best pet bandana ever! You can pick any style, and rest assured that your pet will be both comfortable and fashionable. Although a bandana has fewer diamonds than Amour Amour, it will be much more useful!

A bandana is breathable and machine washable, so it will stay fresh even after a session of playing in the mud. 


You can pair your pet’s new collar and bandana with a luxury leash to complete the ensemble. Many companies offer leather leashes that are both durable and stylish for long walks. Even classic companies like Tiffany’s offer a leather leash in their iconic baby blue!


Harnesses work well for dogs, as they distribute force across the chest. And, you can get them in a wide array of colors and styles. Some luxury brands sell harnesses for more than $700!  

You don’t have to spend that much to get a great harness, though. Leather remains a classic choice, but other harnesses use quilted waterproof fabric for a hunting coat style. 

Treat Your Pet Like Royalty With Luxury Pet Accessories

While your pet might not appreciate the value of diamonds, they can still recognize when their owner treats them with care. Luxury pet accessories are the best way to make sure your pet feels loved while making them the envy of the other pets on the block. Give them the accessories they deserve today! 

If you enjoyed learning about pet style, we have lots of similar tips and guides on our blog. Check it out for more! 

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