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5 best machine translation tools for businesses

Machine translation is getting more advanced with every passing day. It is an automated conversion from one language to another. Machine translation is software that converts the text from the original language which is a source language and the content then produces an equal passage in the target language. However, the quality may vary with the nature of the text. As machine translation is accurate with some languages and not much precise for other not-so-popular languages.

Machine translation services, however, have become a common practice now. As these are free, quick, and instantly produce the results. So people often prefer these for some quick results.

Neural machine translation

A neural machine translation is different though. It refers to machine translation service with a different pairing of machine translation with the artificial neural network to have better results as compared to the standard translation. The tools which are related to NMT have great potential of working better and have been developed and designed by big companies such as Google Translate and DeepL.

Neural machine translation services are far better than the previous machine translation and it has addressed the flaws of translation tools that are currently in use. This is why translation agencies combine neural machine tools with human translators. As human touch is evident to make sure that translated product gets better and according to the expectations of the customers.

Five of the most popular and common machine translation tools to use are

1.Google translate

Google translate is one of the most commonly used online translators. It helps to translate text, documents, and every kind of content from one language to another. This is a free and easily accessible tool and it has a simple and compact design. You just have to select your original language, enter text and translate it into the selected target language by clicking the translate button.

Google translate offers its services in more than 109 languages. This app also supports pictures and moving pictures and handwritten texts. Additional knowledge of languages and usage of other translation tools can save from translation lapses.


  • Multi-language translation
  • App integration
  • Website translation widget
  • Offline translation on mobile

Bing Microsoft translator

Bing translator offered by Microsoft can help with online and machine translation. It can also help with film translation services. The translators often take help from the machine tools to bring consistency to their film content. Bing is also part of the Microsoft cognitive services which are integrated into Bing, Microsoft Office, and share point. It further includes Microsoft Edge, skype, and visual studio. Moreover, it facilitates companies with text and speech translation through cloud services. It is currently supporting 105 language and 12 speech translation systems. Bing includes Power Microsoft live conversion feature too.

Additionally, Microsoft translator allows translation from the images, voices, links, and options which produces valuable output and delivers a good experience.


  • Translation memory
  • Speech translation
  • Project management dashboard
  • Translation of text, real-time speech
  • Translation of images
  • Editing
  • App integration


DeepL is the most common translation tool that businesses and individuals use. It enjoys a good reputation for the accuracy it maintains. This translator takes care of certain nuances and translations. Moreover, DeepL is also popular due to its intuitive interface and flawless Windows/iOS integration option. 

This translator is popular now for its high-quality translation that too performed by machines. However, machine translation can never be hundred percent accurate and often delivers inaccurate results too. Therefore, it is always better to revise the final draft by the expert linguist before sending it for publishing. A lot of people incorporate this translator with human translators for the best marketing translation services.

Interestingly DeepL offers its services only in 26 languages so far. Though the competitors can handle more than 100 languages.


  • Encrypted cloud storage
  • Website translation widget
  • App integration
  • Document translation
  • 4.Reverso translation

Reverso is another free translation software that supports 18 languages. You can either write or speak the text to get the desired translations.

Other than the translations Reverso also facilitates the users in improving their linguistic skills and also expands their vocabulary knowledge. Translated texts also come with relevant examples and explanations in order to help other users with writing, speaking, and reading skills. It can also read flashcards. Reverso also supports document translation. Also, it has a specialized guide for pronunciation and you can translate content from the search history.


  • Flashcards
  • Search History
  • Vocabulary list
  • Guide to pronunciation
  • In context examples
  • Document translation
  1. Amazon translate

People often assume Amazon is the only leading e-commerce marketplace. Little do people know that it also facilitates the people for machine translation and has the feature of Amazon translate. This machine translation tool offers language translation. However, this is a premium service. Service charges are not much though.

Moreover, amazon translate also allows its users to import their data with an active custom translation feature. It helps to import the translation data so that they can customize the translation as per their preferences and requirements. As amazon is a giant in e-commerce, companies also subscribe to premium packages and use the services to have the best advertising and marketing translation services to reach a wider audience.


  • Text translation
  • Data Import


Machine translation has become vital for consistent and bulk-volume translation. Neural machine translation is an advanced form of machine translation. Translation agencies use translation to offer better translation products. Five of the best machine translation include Google translate, Bing, DeepL, Reverso, and amazon translate.

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