6 Best Action Role Playing Games for Android

Action role-playing games or ARPGs are those games that feature aspects from both the action and role-playing games. The fights in such games mostly take place in real-time settings where players directly control their characters through the device they are using.

Recently there has been a huge trend of gamers towards playing these games on mobiles due to their small sizes, convenience, and easy controls. This has led to the development of a myriad of exciting ARP games that one can find on the play store.

Out of countless available options, there is a huge chance that you might select a game with poor gameplay, storyline, and graphics and to cope with that we have gathered here some of the best android ARPG games just for you.

Following is our list of the best ARPG games that every android user must try.

  • Dungeon Hunter 5

This fantasy action game has various levels each with characteristic features and obstacles. You can use cool attacks, potions, and weapons to fight your enemies at various levels.

You can have your own minions, and use your currency to upgrade them and position them to guard your territory. The game has awesome visuals and the story makes everything even more interesting just like in the game poe ninja.

  • Portal Knights

This game has an element of adventure in it. You have to explore the territories and build your strongholds and protect them from attacks. You can come up with your own tools and weapons to build and protect your keep.

You can play the game with up to 4 of your friends and share a really exciting experience by fighting monsters and attackers who are trying to get to you. The game is similar to Minecraft in its gameplay but the visuals, background music, and characters are way different and cooler.

  1. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends

If you fancy yourself an ARPG game that features awesome visuals and a well-written storyline, try out Medieval Legends. You can fight powerful monsters using your cool weapons and specific fighting styles in a setting that seems like ancient Europe.

There are demons, vampires, and other creatures that you have to fight if you want the story to progress the way you want it to just like while unlocking ascendancy classes in the game poe.

  • Pixel Dungeon

The game has pixelated graphics and though the gameplay seems mediocre at first, it is quite tough. Getting past even the first few levels takes so much of your time and effort. This makes the game so much more addictive and fun.

You have to find a way to get to the higher levels and pay attention to your hunger and strength and find food to maintain your course at a steady rate.

  • Final Fantasy IX

This ninth instalment of the final fantasy games includes various features from the previous games with enhanced details and graphics. Play this game to explore unknown regions with dungeons filled with monsters and obstacles.

The players can interact with the characters of the game and with one another to have a team playing experience. The games take place in real-time settings.

You can battle with other players using the fine weapons and powers that you possess. The game is really fun and the backstory makes things even more engaging.

  • Oceanhorn

The game is similar to the Legend of Zelda in terms of gameplay and graphics quality. It involves exploring dungeons, finding valuables, and fighting monsters using your cool powers.

The game has really cool music and the story follows a constant path and you get to witness many twists and turns along the way. The game offers the best UI and works great even on slow internet speed.

Final Words

These are all some of the best ARPG games that you can play on your mobile device anytime and have endless fun. You can try any one or more of the above games and see for yourself how good they are in terms of gameplay, controls, and other features.

We hope with the help of this information you find your next RPG game to play soon. Stay with us for more exciting news about games and gaming accessories. 

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