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6 Dos And Dont’s Of Digital Marketing You Should Know

In this digital age, staying away from social media and various online marketing techniques is not an option.

Whether your’s is a start-up business about the best clothing or a departmental store, creating a great online brand image is necessary for your business to succeed.

With so much advancement in digital technologies, you must recognize the right marketing strategies. This is where the digital marketing training in Ambala can help you.

The arena of digital marketing is a wide one that includes numerous marketing strategies. However, there are a few dos and dont’s that you should keep in mind as a digital marketer.

Let us first focus a bit on what you should do.

The 3 Dos Of Digital Marketing

Given below are three things which you must do to build a solid online image for your brand.

1. Focus On Customer Experience

If you want your business to stay on top of Google, always know about your customers.

By that, digital marketing experts mean that you should know what your potential customers like and are interested in buying.

Having this knowledge would help you design the best marketing campaigns which serve the customer in a better way.

In other words, your target audience should have the best digital experience.

2. Do Personalized Marketing

Simply posting a tweet would not get you anywhere in the digital marketing world. You must invest yourself fully into your brand and connect with the target audience.

Remember, your customers would only consider a brand if they feel a personal connection with it.

You should inculcate an element of personalization into the marketing campaigns.

Enroll in a certified digital marketing Job Oriented Training to learn the art of forming a personal connection with your customers.

3. Have A User-Friendly Website

Always keep in mind that your business website is the best promoter of your brand. In short, trying to promote your brand without a personalized website would never work.

No matter how many tweets you retweet or how many Facebook messages you send, without a website to represent your business; all is lost.

Also, you need to ensure the website is updated and offers a great UX (user experience).

Now, that you know what needs to be done to win the digital marketing game, let us focus on what you should avoid.

The 3 Dont’s Of Digital Marketing

Given below are three mistakes which you should never commit if you want the brand to stay on top of Google.

1. Ignore Mobile Optimization

No doubt, smartphones are found in everybody’s pocket. Your customers are now switching from laptops to smartphones to browse the internet and buy stuff.

With such massive use of smartphones, ignoring mobile optimization and mobile users is a terrible idea.

If you wish to make your brand a popular one, make sure the content, visuals, text format, and images of the brand website are user-friendly.

2. Ignore SEO Updates

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization is one of the pillars of digital marketing. By using the right SEO tactics, you will give your brand’s website a major boost.

However, to keep your brand website on top you need to take care of SEO marketing.

Not just that, you need to look out for the best SEO updates and change your strategies from time to time.

In the long run, having the right SEO techniques at your disposal helps you stay one step ahead of the competition.

You should enroll in a certified digital marketing training in Ambala to learn this aspect of online marketing.

3. Overdo Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, companies often make the mistake of sending too many emails without a break.

Keep in mind that doing this will only make your customer send that email to the trash folder.

You should always schedule the emails so they do not look like a spam, but something that catches the user’s attention.

Posting one content after another would only make the target audience lose interest in your brand.

There it is! The six dos and dont’s you should always follow as a digital marketer for your brand.


Do you want your brand to stay on top of Google and the customer’s mind? Are you tired of sending the same message again and again without getting any response? It is time you enroll in a certified digital marketing training in Ambala to learn the latest techniques of result-oriented online marketing.

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