A Practical Guide for People With Different Face Shapes to Choose The Best Hat

Buying an appropriate hat to suit your face can be an arduous task. While the majority of shops selling hats provide several options, most of them are not well-fitting. A hat might complement different face structures in various ways. The buyer is sometimes perplexed in opting for an appropriate hat for themselves. Some headcovers might look good on an individual, and they may not suit the other person at all. However, hat lovers need not worry as different hats are available for different face shapes and personalities. Therefore it is essential to understand your facial features to choose the right hat for your face.

Measurement of your face

To understand the shape of your face, you have to measure the circumference of the head with a measuring tape or something similar. You can also use a portion of rope or a chord to go around the head. The second step is to analyze the shape of your face to understand which hairstyle will suit you the best. Many individuals buy expensive headgears only to realize that it is not going with their personality.

Here are a few guidelines to choose the ideal hat that will compliment your face:

Headgears for symmetrical square shape

Since a square face has angular facial features, folded brim hats might highlight the angle of the features, thereby exaggerating them. People with a square-shaped face should opt for a round-shaped hat to cover the symmetry of the face. A cloche with a wide brim is most suitable and makes you look attractive. You can also opt for cowboy hats with a floppy base, thereby giving your face a longitudinal look. Those having angular features should avoid beanies and schoolboy caps as it highlights the broad features of your face.

Tall and angular hats for round shape

People with round faces must opt for headgear with opposite features, thereby making their faces appear oval. Round-shaped faces look perfect in headcovers with a large brim that has no symmetry. It would help if you avoided a rounded brim hat that makes your face look chubbier. A retro-style hat gives the round face a narrow and elongated look, thereby helping them to flaunt their headgears happily. Therefore, you should prefer a Fedora to a beanie to give your face a lean look. If people with a round face want to bundle up in a beanie, they must set it back on the head to highlight a larger area. A beanie hat with a cute pompom helps to elongate a round face.

Choosing a hat for heart-shaped faces

The heart-shaped face has Hasbro features on the forehead and a narrow jawline. With such a face, one can choose from Fedora and baseball caps, thereby covering the wideness of your forehead. People with heart-shaped faces should avoid floppy brims as they may exaggerate the features. Cowboy hats and white brim headgear cover the forehead, thereby highlighting the jawline and giving your face an attractive appearance. You can also opt for beanies made of thin material, thereby keeping yourself warm during winters and covering the broad point of your forehead simultaneously.

Hats with a shallow crown for diamond face

People with diamond faces have different proportions across length and breadth. Since a diamond-shaped look is similar to that of a heart shape, you must adjust them according to your facial features, thereby maintaining the proportions of your face. People with a narrow forehead must opt for flat caps such as pork pie hats, thereby helping them to contrast the narrow chin. Fedoras with a large brim are ideal for a diamond-shaped face as it adds more width to your narrow forehead. It would help if you used the headgear in a slouchy style, preferably at the back of the head. People with such a face can opt for beanies if they understand the technique of wearing them.

Choosing a headgear for a long face

An elongated face often has soft features. People with extended facial features often want to minimize their face length using a hat that cuts across the forehead. Long faces can have the perfect hat for contrasting it with beachwear. Floppy straw hat and sun hat having a large brim that goes well with longer faces, thereby diminishing the look of an elongated face structure. Some people prefer wearing cowboy hats. Such individuals downplay Cowboy hats by wearing them across the forehead and covering half of the face with the wide brim. The ideal headgear for winters with such a face shape is a trapper hat that fits snugly on your head.

Everyone has a unique facial feature. However, it is necessary to understand which face shape category you belong to, thereby making your task of choosing a hat easy. Besides the above suggestions, you can determine which one will suit your shape the best. Moreover, comfort and confidence play a crucial role while choosing a headgear. There are plenty of western hat styles. You can choose from a wide variety available in designer brands.


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