Advantages of the synchronous method: of online teaching

The synchronous method of online teaching includes a teacher teaching and a group of students listening to the instructor at the same time. In general terms, it refers to real-time interactions and conversations among the learners and the educators via online live classes, video conferencing, etc. The advantages offered by this teaching model are benefiting numerous learners all across the world. 

5 advantages of synchronous online classes 

The synchronous online mode of teaching allows students and teachers to collaborate, interact, and communicate effectively for receiving and imparting quality education. Let us discuss these advantages one by one in detail.

1.timely feedback

The synchronous form of learning helps in giving and receiving immediate feedback, suggestions, and opinions. When teaching and learning happen at the same time, feedback delivery is also continuous which helps in learning online very effectively. We can also say that it is real-time teaching and learning which leads to immediate response and feedback. 

When feedback is not immediate it leads to confusion, lack of understanding, and poor academic performance. But with the option of pursuing the synchronous form of online learning, this process is entirely changed. It is helpful for both teachers as well as learners. Students get their queries answered immediately. This helps in a proper understanding of the text and better performance in the future. 

It includes real-time questions and answers practice. It helps teachers to know where students are facing difficulties, hence improves and makes necessary additions to their teaching quality. Immediate feedback via synchronous learning is helping teachers to follow the maxims of teaching effectively. Also, teachers can send a separate response to the learners via a learning management system software.

2.Develops collaboration and community 

With the help of the asynchronous form of online learning, students’ collaboration and practice of community building are done. It is very beneficial for the learners and teachers to receive and impart effective education respectively.  Via the technology and use of video conferencing, live sessions, live chatting facility, students can collaborate with the learners and teachers of different places. This develops a sense of confederation and community among themselves. By just being from our comfortable places, we can connect with different people and educators because of the flexibility and convenience offered by the development of synchronous learning. In such classes, interactions and class engagement are quite clearly visible to us. 

One of the most important maxims of teaching that every teacher wants is achieving the criteria of effective class engagement and participation of the students. It involves two-way communication which means a teacher teaches and students participate. There is involvement and connection between both.


The synchronous method of online teaching is super convenient for the learners especially those who are pursuing higher education courses or degrees. Along with their works, jobs, and other stuff, live teaching can be completed with the learners without traveling and going anywhere. There is no need to reach a particular location for receiving education. You can select the batch and timings as per your preferences and convenience. All you need to own is a proper internet connection and a suitable network device of your choice and availability. From studying, clearing doubts, revisions, lectures, several activities to examination and results all can be achieved by this method of teaching and learning.

4.Cost friendly

The synchronous form of teaching is very cost-friendly for the learners. Today, education is getting very expensive. Traditional classrooms require a lot of expenditure such as transportation, textbooks, buying extra guides, money for hangouts with friends, and much more. But with the help of synchronous teaching, we can save a good amount of this money. Live classrooms are more effective as compared to any other form of teaching because teachers can use modern teaching aids along with their teaching skills for effective delivery of information and knowledge to the learners. With the help of a learning management system software, online learning and study material can be sent to the students individually as well as can be uploaded on the official educational teaching apps.

5.Motivating for learners 

Different from isolated and alone learning, the synchronous form of teaching is very motivating for the learners. In this platform, there are real-time interactions where teachers can check the learners and can motivate them to perform better in their academic lives. In the synchronous form of online teaching, the educators can provide the best advice to the learners for improvisation and betterment in their studies and courses. 

When students choose an asynchronous form of learning, students study in isolation, where their instructors are not available to guide and motivate them. Whereas the opportunity to join synchronous classes is very helpful for students to keep themselves motivated and boosted for effective academic performance. 


The above-mentioned characteristics and advantages of the synchronous method of teaching have made it one of the most successful learning platforms for both educators and learners. With blending teaching and technology, education can be carried from anywhere and at any time via live classes on educational apps, live chatting, conversation, and interactions can take place easily and flexibly. This is helping students to achieve their goals and educational objectives effectively. These advantages will surely help learners to choose and select wisely among the modes of online teaching available for them.

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