Art School Opportunities In Ontario

Art provides a foundation of visual arts knowledge and skills, as well as their connections to other courses, and dives deeply into the field intellectually and experientially. All advanced visual arts classes in high school require this subject as a prerequisite.

Students learn to express themselves through the arts. They can express their emotions and thoughts through art forms such as painting, writing, and music. Art also aids in the development of fine motor abilities in students. They also learn to problem-solve and think critically as they create and experiment. Art training helps children develop linguistic skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness.

If you live in Ontario and search for Art Classes Near Me, you will find The Royal Arts Academy. The Royal Arts Academy is a Burlington high school focusing on music, visual arts, media arts, drama, music, and theatre. The school provides a provincial curriculum and a variety of art-based activities for students in Grades 9-12. The programs are designed to prepare students to continue their studies.

While the first phases of the arts-focused curriculum will assist students in exploring their interests and talents, subsequent stages will give them specialized training from specialists and rare opportunities to make their brilliance known to the rest of the world. The school aspires to provide pupils with the best option and training in the creative and performing arts.

Objectives and Aims:

The Burlington Royal Arts Academy’s concept and aim are to provide an education for students with high potential and diverse origins who may be expected to occupy positions of responsibility and leadership in a rapidly changing world. The Burlington Royal Arts Academy’s Arts Programme allows students to explore their imagination while showing and developing their talents. Our curriculum includes academic teaching in Dance, Drama, Media, Musical Theatre, and Music.

Art Programs Offered:

If you live in Ontario and search for Art Classes Near Me, you will find multiple options, but the Burlington Royal Arts Academy provides a variety of art programmes, including:

  • The Visual Arts Program will lay the groundwork for students to pursue higher education. Students will become acquainted with design concepts and principles and the expressive capabilities of diverse materials through various media, processes, techniques, and styles.
  • The Media Arts Program will offer students various options, including but not limited to Animation Studies, Film & Video, and Photography. The educational method will strive to provide a balance of ensemble/solo performance, technical skill, theory, and music history. 
  • The Vocal Music Program will instill in pupils an appreciation for and passion for voice. Our teaching approach will strive to provide a balance of ensemble/solo performance, technical competence, theory, and music history.
  • Students in Dramatic Arts will develop a comprehensive understanding of theatre history and plays from many countries and genres. Students will better understand themselves and others as they investigate the world around them.
  • Through the Dance Program, students will have an organic chance to develop technical expertise, expression, a historical understanding of dance cultures, and a focus on individual achievement.

Scholarship Opportunities:

Scholarships are available to talented students from various backgrounds at one of the best schools in Burlington. Although scholarships to private schools in Oakville are uncommon, they believe in developing potential and providing a diverse learning environment for our pupils.  The school offers a variety of scholarships and academic aids based on students’ interests and needs.


Students at the Burlington Royal Arts Academy who participate in art increase their lateral thinking and inventiveness. Learning these skills helps youngsters solve problems and encourages them to think beyond the box. Even if they do not pursue a career in the arts, learning these skills will prepare them for a successful career in any other field.

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