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Bedside Tables: A Bedroom Essential

The bed might be the heart of the bedroom, but it is not the only thing that completes it. Various other things make a bedroom, such as a dresser, couch, mirror, and bedside table. A bedside table’s functionality has come a long way, from solely serving as a potholder to becoming a multi-purpose item. Now, oak bedside tables complete a bedroom. Also known as a bedside cabinet or nightstand, this table keeps your room organised. It declutters your space by storing bedtime accessories, putting them within your reach.

Types of Night Tables

Whether moving into a new house, renovating your room, or purchasing new bedroom essentials, a bedside table should be high on your shopping list. Primarily, there are four types of bedside tables, depending on their size, design, and functionality:

Standard Tables

As the name suggests, a standard table serves a standardised purpose. It is a simple furniture piece with legs used for placing a bedside lamp and a couple of small items, such as your phone, charger, and glasses. These tables are compact and occupy less space, making them perfect for small rooms.

Tiny Cabinets

Similar to standard tables, bedside cabinets are also small. However, they come with drawers and sliding doors. They might be tiny, but they are spacious enough to store bedroom valuables like wallets and keys.


The only difference between small cabinets and nightstands is the size. Since nightstands are bigger, they provide multiple drawers and more space on the top for placing a lamp. You can keep books, magazines, diaries, and daily-use items on these bedside tables.

Bedside Shelves

Modern bedrooms look stunning with bedside shelves. These open cabinets without doors allow you to store essentials, such as prescription glasses, medication, tissues, and phones. Shelves keep your room clean, and their small size saves space and cost.

Belongings to Store on Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are multi-functional furniture pieces, but their primary purpose is to keep your items safe and accessible. They are perfect for things you require at night or after waking up. Additionally, walking around the room in pitch dark to look for things can cause accidents, especially in a half-asleep state. Therefore, you can use oak bedside tables in various ways:

Placing Lamps

One of the most common reasons for purchasing night tables is to place lamps. If you cannot sleep in complete darkness, lamps are perfect. Since they illuminate a specific section of the room (in this case, your bed), you can sleep soundly without the room remaining dark or bright light disturbing you. Keeping it an arm’s distance allows you to switch it off without leaving the bed. Additionally, many enjoy reading before hitting the sack, and a reading lamp offers an enjoyable reading session. You can also keep your books on the table!

Electronic Items

Bedside tables are excellent for keeping electronic gadgets, such as phones, laptops, iPad, or other items you were using, before bedtime. Furthermore, installing a switch near the table allows you to charge your phone while sleeping.

Emergency Essentials

Another way to use a bedside table is by keeping emergency items, such as medication and a glass of water. If you take your medicine before sleeping or immediately after waking up, you can place them at an accessible distance on the table. You can also put essentials like a flashlight in the cabinet drawers.

Wrapping Up

Oak bedside tables are efficient and practical furniture items. They allow you to store necessary, vital, and significant things, such as lamps, alarm clocks, phones, chargers, cameras, laptops, and medication, safely and within a reachable distance.

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