Content Experience 101: 4 Ways To Optimize The Customer Journey

Content marketing is a great way to deliver information about your products to your target customers. In return, you achieve lead generation, conversions, customer retention, as well as build brand recognition and awareness. However, while marketers focus on the type of content they deliver to the people or how often they deliver, they may easily forget about the content experience. 

Content experience is an aspect of content marketing that can achieve exceptional marketing results when combined with authentic and regular content. Content experience is how the user will feel and behave around your content when they interact with it. The kind of experience the user will get will determine if they’ll turn to buyers or look somewhere else. 

How To Optimize Customer Journey

Content experience is an essential aspect of marketing and building a fantastic customer journey. There are different ways that you can optimize your customer journey via your content experience. To illustrate, here’s how marketing agencies, like, optimize content for a better customer journey:  

  • Personalize Content

Customers appreciate content that connects with them at an individual level. That doesn’t mean that they have to contribute to the content, but the content should be relevant to them. It should also address the issues they may face or the benefits they’ll get when using your products. 

Here are some ways to personalize your content: 

  • Gather enough data on your potential clients to see their interests. 
  • Create buyer personas using the data you’ve collected. The personas give you a better understanding of the buyers’ behaviors, profiles, interests, and what platforms they’ll use to buy your products. 
  • Segment your audience according to their location, preference, income, and reason they purchase your products. 

Personalized content will make your customers feel connected to your business, improving their journey.

  •  Upload User-Generated Content 

Sometimes, marketing messages can be pushed so customers will look at them like any marketing message, with no real impact on their decision to purchase. So, your marketing message should look authentic to your customers. 

The best content is usually generated by your customers, as it addresses what the user feels about your products instead of how you think the user feels. User-generated content includes feedbacks from clients you’ve previously sold to, any complaints that may arise from how your services are offered, or if the product didn’t meet their expectations. The reviews can also be positive, and you can use this as a referral for your business.  

Uploading user-generated content will improve the content experience as it’ll contain real issues that may affect your customers. These contents don’t seem to push the customer to buy their products, but it connects with the customer and help shape their decision. 

  • Encourage Actions 

Call to action (CTA) can tell your prospects what to do after interacting with your content. When you don’t tell your customers what to do, they may treat your content as any other blog and fail to follow through with the conversion. In this case, they may leave your content site without purchasing anything. They may also feel dissatisfied with your content as it leaves them without explicit instructions. 

A simple message in the content asking the prospects to purchase the products may influence how the customers view your content and your business. As the CTA message acts as a guide, it’ll build an excellent customer journey. 

  • Make Content Understandable For Your Audience 

Making content that your audience understands is a great way to make their experience with your company a great one. You should understand your audience’s knowledge of the products or similar products to the one you want to sell to them. 

Your content should be straightforward and have a good flow so your audience can get a gist of what the business is actually about. Even if you have to use technical terms, make sure they’re related to your niche, and you capture them in a crisp way that the audience will love. If the audience understands the information you’re passing on to them, their experience with your content will be excellent. 


Customer journey is an integral part of any business as it defines how you interact with your customers throughout the business process. Good customer experience means more conversations and more business, while poor customer experience means you’ll eventually lose your business. 

Therefore, every touchpoint and channel should offer an opportunity to give your customers a good experience. In content marketing, you shouldn’t forget about the content experience as it shapes how customers behave, feel, and decide about your content and overall business.

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