Cricket- one of the most popular games today

In today’s world there are a lot of sports games that are being played globally. This includes football, basketball, volleyball, and surprisingly for a lot of people, cricket. This is a game with rich history and traditions, and some people think it might date back to around 1800. The game of cricket first established itself as a mainstream sport in London, with the first teams being created and events starting to take place. 

Cricket Today

Cricket has changed a lot in the last decade, there are new leagues being created, new tournaments and events taking place and prizes are getting bigger, as more and more people start to watch the game and show interest. There is a world cricket championship and World Cricket League. 

The game has also seen a lot of popularity in the sports betting market, with more and more platforms starting to introduce it in their sportsbooks. For some examples and tips that you can follow visit here, while searching and betting on bookmaker’s websites.

What is Cricket?

Cricket is played between two teams of eleven players on a field that is 22 yards in length and has a wicket at each end consisting of two bails balanced on three stumps. To score runs, the batting team must first strike the ball that is delivered at one of the wickets, and then the fielding and bowling teams must try to stop the batter from reaching the other wickets before they are out of the game. One way to get rid of a batter in cricket is to bowl at him, another is to catch the ball after it has been hit by the bat but before it hits the ground, and another is to hit a wicket before the batter crosses the crease in front of the wicket. As soon as 10 outs have been recorded, the inning is complete, and the teams trade places. The game is officiated by two umpires, and in international games, a third umpire and match referee are also present. They communicate with the two off-field scorekeepers who are responsible for recording the game’s statistics. 

In test matches, cricket players wear white jerseys, but in limited-overs games, they show team spirit by wearing their favourite colours. Some players wear additional protective gear on top of the regular uniform to shield themselves from the ball, which is a hard, solid spheroidal object made of compressed leather with a slightly elevated stitched seam, encircling a cork core wrapped with tightly coiled thread.

History of Cricket

In the early 18th century, London and the surrounding areas saw a surge in cricket’s popularity. Women’s cricket was played for the first time in 1745 in Surrey, England. Its popularity grew more slowly in other regions of England because of transportation bottlenecks. The sport of cricket originated in the English colonies and made its way to North America in the 17th century; by the 18th century, it spread to the rest of the world. Colonists brought it to the Caribbean, and sailors for the British East India Company brought it to India. The European colonisation of Australia in 1788 coincided with the rapid growth of the sport. By the turn of the nineteenth century, it had furthermore arrived in New Zealand and South Africa.

How Popular is Cricket Around the World

Although only around 4,200 individuals in the world play cricket professionally, an estimated 30 million people play the game regularly, with the vast majority residing in Asia. The International Cricket Council (ICC) claims that there are recognized cricket leagues or organisations in around 120 countries. 

It is believed that 2.5 billion individuals throughout the globe are avid cricket fans. The majority of these fans live in the Asian countries of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Some people may not like cricket because they believe it is too complicated, too slow to get excited about. Millions of people in countries like India and Pakistan go to the streets to play the game.

Despite the undeniable success of cricket’s shorter forms, such as Twenty20, there are persistent worries that Test cricket, the longest format, has to do more to market itself to a younger and wider audience if it is to maintain or increase its appeal. The Indian Premier League (IPL), the most prominent and successful Twenty20 league in cricket, often gets more than 100 million viewers every match. This is true in almost every cricketing nation. The 2019 World Cup was watched for a total of 13.7 billion hours throughout the world.

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