Exercise for kids- How it can be made more innovative?

Today’s kids are not as physically active as they should be. Don’t worry; here are a few innovative exercise ideas for you.

Exercise plays a vital role in the well-being of children. One out of every four children is recommended to have 60 minutes of physical activity every day. 

This maintains body mass index and reduces the risk of several diseases. Also, it helps children to distress and has a good sleep. You can enroll your child on Yoga for kids or dance classes. You will find tons of options available at Yellow Class

With digital devices, it becomes difficult for kids to move out and play. This has affected them badly. Here are some innovative game ideas for kids:


This is a great physical activity. You can organize a racing competition and arrange awards to make it more interesting.

Try different types of phrases like a three-legged race, a crab walk race, sack race, classic race, etc. Decide the finishing point, and stand there to see who wins. 

The skipping rope race offers leg exercise along with a cardio workout.

2. Sports:

Different sports attract kids as they visualize them and fantasize while playing various video games. You can enroll them in a sports class and encourage them to try getting on the school team.

You can try enrolling them on a swimming session. Swimming is fun, especially during a sunny summer day or while visiting a beach.

3.Obstacle course

These are what you watch on television reality game shows. Isn’t it exciting? 

Arrange some furniture, and then use chalk to draw an area. Now, you can add some challenges like a puzzle, or cross the area without touching the ground, and so on.

4. Hunt

How exciting is a treasure hunt, isn’t it? You can organize a hunt inside or outside your house. For this, you can hide his favourite toys in various places and ask your kid to find them from the starting location.

To make it more exciting, you need to place some puzzles to find out the next location. 

5. Gardening

It is a simple activity that kids love to do. Give them some mud, pots and a variety of saplings. Then ask them to fill the pots and plant the saplings. Let them arrange these pots in any order.

6. Dance class

A dance class is full of fun activities if your child is interested in it. Children dance in their way but it’s too a form of physical activity. 

Arrange some music and let your kids dance on the beat. You can also organize a small gathering with her friends. Dance for kids is similar to cardio workouts.

7. Walk 

Make a habit of walking. If you are having a dog, let your child take the responsibility of walking it. You can also make them practice going to a nearby market, or take them for a stroll in the park. Walking is a good exercise for the body.

8. Hula Hooping

Hula hoops have always been the favourite for children. Give them one, and teach them how to do it. Once they get addicted to it, it’s not easy to leave.

9. Yoga

With regular Yoga kids get to stay healthy and active. There are different Yoga posters for kids. You can enroll them in an online or an offline yoga class. To make it interesting, you can also join them during a yoga session and be their competitor.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to take a close look at your child’s physical health and dance fitness class . If you are not okay with outdoor activities, get to know some indoor activities like yoga, dance, etc.

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