Games To Play At Home With 1 Year Old Kid

It is an unusual moment, and we are all forced to stay at home more… 

Younger children who need constant attention and age-appropriate entertainment are the most affected. 

It is necessary to think of games for babies to play at home, which also can stimulate the cognitive and motor development of the child

We bet they will be special moments to spend with mom and dad!

Before proposing the various activities to the child, prepare a small and safe playing area with a soft carpet and cushions. 

In this way, he will be more focused on the game and have a space of his own where he can experiment freely.

Musical Entertainment Games

Music is always a good companion… 

If you are already walking, move together in time in your arms or standing. This way, the child will associate music with movement. 

You can also make pots, lids, and wooden spoons available and discover the sound together, even as an accompaniment to songs.

Treasures Baskets

A classic game type cannot be missing from our list: the treasure chest! 

If you don’t have a wicker basket, a box is fine. Fill it with natural materials and different shapes: sponges, pine cones, stones, shells, fabrics, balls of wool, and so on.  visit here :  babbel vs duolingo

The important thing is to guide him and stimulate all the senses. 

You will see that every object is an incredible discovery for him. The child will be able to fish one thing at a time and manipulate it, explore it and experience new experiences.

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Guessing Game

To stimulate the child to respond to simple verbal requests, sit together on the carpet with a series of toys and, approaching one at a time, ask what it is. 

It is a game that you can also play with objects in the room or with parts of the body. 

Your child will get more and more excited about the kitchen as they get older. You can look at these guys for the best kids kitchen apron

Children always want to play, and in games like this, they are tireless, especially when they learn the words and feel gratified when they memorize them.

Painting Using Homemade Colors

How about coloring with tiny hands, brushes, and sponges? Better if with DIY watercolors, non-toxic for children. 

The ingredients to make them at home are a tablespoon of white vinegar, 2 baking soda, 1 corn, and a half of glycerin, egg containers, and natural dyes. 

Then mix the vinegar and baking soda until there is no more foam; add the rest and pour the mixture into the egg container and a different dye for each cavity. Mix well, and the watercolors are ready. 

Prepare a large sheet or an old sheet and unleash your creativity!

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Run Around The House

If it’s not possible to go to the park, why not take a walk around the house anyway? Children like stories, especially if they are repeated with the exact words. 

You can think of entertaining the child by telling what happens in the various rooms: in the bedroom, you sleep, in the kitchen, we prepare many good dishes to eat, on the sofa in the living room we pamper ourselves and tell stories… 

You will see that your kid will do the tour himself, and he will keep doing the same all day long!

Get Your Baby Involved 

Babies at one year old are too young to teach them games in the kitchen.. 

But if we prepare the salt dough with water, flour, and salt, they will manipulate the dough itself. 

The child will develop manual skills, sensory exploration, and creativity in a fun way. Without creating defined objects, give him the strangest and most original shape.

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