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UEI Global is rated as Top Hotel Management Institute in Delhi by CSR, The Week, India Today and many other. Hospitality can bring a vast career opportunity for all aspiring students, but it is also important to understand that hospitality as a profession is not easy, it is a tough job and requires years of hard work and a strong heart. Hospitality is one of the key factors that can increase or decrease the revenue of any hotel, be it in Delhi or even abroad. Therefore, the hotel management institute’s primary goal is to impart knowledge and coaching to hotel managers on all aspects of hospitality management. It aims at transforming the hotel manager from an administrative to a managerial position.

The curriculum of the programme concentrates on both theory and practical exposure. During the training, the students are taught not only how to handle hotels, but also how to run a small business, retailing etc. Since the course is mainly about hospitality, the students get specialized training in food & beverage management, risk management, sales & marketing etc.

The institute also organizes seminars and workshops on hospitality topics. These workshops cover various topics like marketing hospitality, HR, guest service etc. to give the students a thorough knowledge about all the facets of running a hotel. The hotel marketing seminar is conducted by experts in the field who understand the need of the hospitality sector.

Once the trainees have completed their training, they need to apply what they have learned in order to run a hotel. They are given practical training in hospitality and customer service. They are taught how to attract guests, how to conduct hospitality, managing budgets etc. The institutes also conduct seminars for managers and owners of hotels to enhance their knowledge. In addition, some hotels also sponsor some of the courses of the institutes.

The hotel management courses provide a lot of options for the students. They can choose between one or more modules, which may be related to finance, marketing, planning etc. depending on their specific interest and career goal. The students get the opportunity to learn some of the tricks of the trade such as budgeting, advertising, promotions, attracting clients etc.

Before enrolling for any institute, it is important that the candidate makes sure that the institute fulfills all his requirements. This includes eligibility, experience, tuition fee etc. Before selecting any institute, the candidates should check whether the institute is recognized by the state government and the center. Most of the institutes have been categorized into two groups: supervisory and managerial. Supervisory is mainly for those who are already in the field of hotel management while the managerial training covers those who wish to take over the running of the hotel.

The institute prepares students for both entry-level and executive positions. It also provides the necessary classroom education in communication, finance and economics. The students from the supervisory institute learn the basics of management, accounting and organization. Hotel managers also learn the art of promotion such as advertising, building sales, human resource development etc. The institutes offer many coaching sessions for the trainee professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge.

If you have just completed your 12th standard and looking to take admission in Degree in Hotel Management in Delhi, then you should apply in UEI Global – Leading Hotel Management Institute of India.


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