How a student’s parents can support learning at home and make study friendly environment.

We know that as a parent, they are their child’s first and most important teacher. It is seen that when parents and families are involved in their children’s schools, then the children can do better as well as have better feelings about going to school at the same time  They must know, many people say that what the family does is more important to a child’s school that success than how much money the family as well makes or how much education the parents have too. There are many ways that parents can support their children’s learning at home as well as throughout the school year that we see now. They can make use of an Education app as well as Video Api at home for better learning.

They must also meet their child’s teacher as well. We know that as soon as the school year starts, we must try to find a way to meet their child’s teacher. They must let the teacher know they want to help their child learn. They must make it clear that they want the teacher to contact them if any problems develop with their child. They must talk with their child’s teacher offers some great tips for developing a partnership with their child’s teacher as well. If they feel uncomfortable speaking English, they don’t let a language barrier stop them. We know that what they have to say is more important than the language they say it in. They must ask the school to find someone who can interpret for them at the same time. They must see that there may be a teacher or parent liaison who can help as well. Or they can bring a bilingual friend or relative with them as well.

They must find out how their child is doing at the same time. They must ask the teacher how well their child is doing in class compared to other students as well. If their child is not keeping up, especially when it comes to reading, then they must ask what they or the school can do to help as well. We know that it’s important to act early before their child gets too far behind as well. They must also be sure to review their child’s report card each time it comes out too. They must also make sure that their child gets homework done. They must also let their child know that they think education is important as well as that homework needs to be done each day. They can help their child with homework by setting aside a special place to study as well. They must establish a regular time for homework as well as remove distractions such as the television as well as social phone calls during homework time.

If the parents are reluctant to help their child with homework because they feel that they don’t know the subject well enough as well as because they don’t speak or read English. They must make sure that they can help by showing that they are interested, helping their child get organized, providing the necessary materials as well. They must ask their child about daily assignments as well as monitor work to make sure that it is completed, as well as praise all of their child’s efforts. They must remember that doing their child’s homework for him won’t help him in the long run too. They must find homework help for their child if needed at the same time. They must remember is difficult for them to help their child with homework or school projects, see if they can find someone else who can help them as well. They can contact the school as well as tutoring groups, at the same time churches, and libraries. They see if an older student, his neighbor, or maybe their friend can help.

They know that tests play an important role in determining a student’s grade as well. Their child may also take one or more standardized tests during the school year at the same time We see that their child’s teacher may spend class time on test preparation throughout the year in most cases.

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