How do NFL players get paid, per game or per week?

NFL players are compensated in various ways, including bonuses, base pay, and sign-on bonuses. Whether they play or not affects their pay.

Every NFL team uses a pay cap system that affects how general managers choose who stays on the roster and who goes. General managers can use a variety of clauses in players’ contracts to get players to join their teams or to cut players to stay under the salary cap. The players’ compensation throughout the year may be affected by these.

Players in the NFL are not compensated as though they work a 9-to-5 job, which is untrue. They are paid weekly, but only during the season, and their pay is contingent on their performance and effort. In addition to other employees, they receive bonuses outside of the regular repayment plan. Examining various clauses in their contracts is necessary to comprehend how NFL players are compensated.

  • Base Salary 

Every NFL player on a team’s roster will receive a base salary divided into 18 installments throughout the season. That includes the goodbye week and the regular season’s 17 games. Unless the player has a guarantee, most of the money they were hoping to earn is lost if they are cut during the period.

  • Guarantees 

The base salary can be guaranteed, depending on the terms and conditions. When drafting a contract, team members can use one of three types of guaranteed money: cap, injury, and skill.

  • Medical Guarantee

The most common type of guaranteed salary is guaranteed bodily harm, which kicks in when a player is let go but is unable to play ball or pass a physical. The injury-protected money is the player’s right under the agreement.

  • Cap and skill guarantees 

These two guarantees are frequently combined. If the team believes a player’s skills do not meet the team’s needs, the player is protected by a skill guarantee. A cap guarantee prevents the player from being released, allowing the team to free up space to sign a free agent or re-sign another player.

  • Complete affirmation

Full confirmation is framed by joining the three certifications: damage, skill, and limit. Almost every NFL contract includes full guarantees, and when a player signs the contract, they are entitled to the cash from the full guarantees.

  • Practice reward

This is cash settled upon in return for going to a predefined level of off-season exercises at a decent sum. Five free absences are granted to players who have played in at least four seasons.

  • Options for bonuses 

This is similar to a signing bonus, but the player must activate it later in their contract; Later on in a player’s contract, it is guaranteed money. This bonus can be prorated up to five years into the contract.

  • The roster bonus 

A player receives this bonus for being on the roster on a specific date or throughout the year.

The most typical form states that the player will be added to the roster on a particular date. The player cannot be released before that date unless the team is willing to pay.

If a player is on the active roster as opposed to the roster, also known as a “per-game roster,” the other form of compensation is paid to them. The player receives one-sixth of the bonus each week on the active roster.

  • Incentives 

Players who achieve contract goals like passing or receiving yards also receive incentives from their teams. These bonuses are either LTBE (likely to be earned) or NLTE (not likely to be earned). If their performance continues to improve, fans may want to start considering securing their Super Bowl 2024 tickets in advance.

For instance, it is regarded as LTBE if a player rushed for 1,000 yards last season and maintained that threshold this season. This would be deducted from the team’s cap for the specified season. However, NLTBE incentives count against the cap for the following season.

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