Vital Tips to Secure your Pokemon Go Account

The Pokemon Go help center works relentlessly to make sure that your fellow players enjoy a fair and exciting Pokemon Go gaming experience. It would not be wrong to suggest that an integral aspect of such a commitment made by the Pokemon Go help center would be to prevent fraudulent people and impersonators from attempting to do fraud with unsuspecting and innocent players. Rest assured that you could be of immense assistance by taking a few moments and going through a few quick steps about how to keep your pokemon go account safe. 

Tips on how to keep your pokemon account secure 

Tip #1 – The login credentials should be kept a secret 

Do not be tricked by services inquiring about your login credentials while exchanging free PokeCoins or other benefits. Rest assured that such offers appear too good to be true and are mostly fake. Therefore, it would be in your best interest not to share your username and password with any unauthorized third-party services or applications. In case, you suspect your account to be compromised, consider changing the password instantly. With your mobile phone at your behest at all times, it would not be a hassle to change the Pokemon Go account immediately. 

It would be pertinent to mention here that a few unauthorized third-party applications might inquire about your Pokemon Go Google login cookie or token. Rest assured consider this cookie or token as a password. Therefore, you should be prudent not to share the token or cookie with anyone. 

Tip #2 – Cross check the login methods associated with your account 

In the event, your pokemon go account has been compromised; ensure that your account has been safe from other unauthorized third parties connecting different login methods to your account. It would be vital to open the settings menu and unlink any unrecognized login methods immediately. 

Tip #3 – Choosing the right passwords 

It would be in your best interest to avoid keeping a password that is relatively easy to remember. The major problem with easy-to-remember passwords would be the little protection offered by them from unauthorized third parties looking forward to playing fraud on you by hacking your Pokemon Go account. 

Rest assured that you should choose a password that is relatively tough to guess. It should be inclusive of symbols, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase characters. It would also be the best practice to avoid sharing the same password on different platforms or services. 

Tip #4 – Look for an official app to play Pokemon Go 

It would be worth mentioning here that the real thing cannot have a substitute. Therefore, it would be vital that you do not use any unauthorized third-party applications interacting with Pokemon Go servers. You would find the best and true Pokemon Go experience on the official site of the game. Rest assured that the official Pokemon Go application has been made available on the App store and the Google Play Store. 

You would run the risk of compromising the security of your devices along with exposing the login credentials to unauthorized third-party apps. Moreover, you would also be at risk of permanent termination of your Pokemon Go account due to the usage of unauthorized third-party applications. 

Buying or trading Pokemon Go accounts 

When it comes to playing Pokemon Go, rest assured that you would experience higher forms of adventure in the real arena. Therefore, you should not deny someone or yourself the experience of catching pokemon in the game. However, if you were looking forward to increasing the number of pokemon in your account, the best and quickest option would be to buy pokemon go account for sale. 

It would be vital that you ensure that the Pokemon Go account you intend to buy should be genuine and have all pokemon you were searching for in the game. 

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