How to Avoid Spending Temptations

Have you started last month with good intentions that you will save a few dollars, but still end up spending everything? Thinking that despite trying hard, spending money on necessary goods only and keeping an eye on your purchases, all go in vain. No need to beat yourself or feel bad, it happens with everyone around you. If you do not want to get a heart attack after watching your next monthly credit card statement, you are at the right place. Following tips will help you out in saving some money. As your paystub generator will keep a record of everything where you will spend your money

Understand your spending

In order to know how you can save some money, you need to understand where you spend all of your money, as well as the psychological and emotional triggers behind spending it. If you will remove the identified triggers, you can curb your spending habit.

There is a time of the day when you are more energetic and less stressed out. If you have any such time in a day, try to do some shopping during it. If you will be less stressed, you will spend time making the right choices for purchasing by evaluating value for money. If you do shopping when you are stressed and tired, you will end up buying more stuff, as your brain does not have much energy to evaluate the choices.

Are there any such environments that exaggerate your mood to purchase things like shopping malls, shopping fairs or home shows? Try to avoid such environments, prefer shopping from small markets with fewer options, and avoid the home shows and fairs. Whereas if you want to have fun and do not want to miss the fair, you can go by taking a few dollars in your pocket. If you will have less money, once it is over you do not have any other option but to stop purchasing.

  • Track your spending

Spending a little amount can end up as a chaotic month end without having money to buy necessary items. It is important to track your spending whatever you are purchasing and make a list of it. If you are a freelancer and using a paystub generator, then you will not have to make a list. As your paystub generator will keep a record of everything where you will spend your money.

Many buyers only keep track of the big expenses, but small expenses are also important and you can save huge money by keeping an eye on every expense. With a small cup of coffee, getting your favourite magazine and a lottery ticket, you can save more money than you think by keeping track of these small bits.

If you try to cut the price of a cup of latte you have during breakfast costing only $4, you can end up saving more than $90 in a month.

  • Carry cash

Even if you have interesting skillsavoid using a credit card. By having a credit card, it becomes easy to go for an unplanned purchase. If you have cash with you, you will only purchase the planned items and will not have extra cash for purchasing anything useless. By forgetting to use your credit card, you will only spend the money you have and will spend extra bucks that you can save for the coming month.

  • If not full price then say no to Half price

If you have not purchased a thing at full price, do not purchase it at half price. Many people wait for a sale or visit second-hand stores to purchase unnecessary things. If you have waited long enough for that item, it shows that it is not needed. If you are not willing to pay the other 60% off on the product, then do not buy it by paying 40% (its price after the sale) as you are adding extra baggage of 40% to your pocket.

  • Make a list

If you are planning to save your money, make a habit of taking a list with you whenever you are going out shopping. By making a list, you will be aware of what you need and how much you will pay for it. Going to a store without making a list is a big mistake as you will be purchasing many items.

  • Peer pressure

Do you think that your spending habit is increased when you are with few people in your peer group? If yes, avoid going on shopping with spendaholics until and unless you have control over your spending temptation. You can make plans with such friends that do not include shelling a huge sum of money. You can replace dinner with a coffee, a concert with a hiking plan, having dinner at home rather than in a restaurant. All these things will make you save money.

  • A 24-hour rule

Whenever you like something out of your list, make a 24-hour rule. Take a whole day to evaluate why you need this product and what if you will not have it. Take notice of the amount you will be spending on by purchasing it or the amount you will save by not going for it. Think what things you will have to compromise on if you spend that sum of money on the given product. After answering all these things, you will make the right and well-informed decision

It is not a matter of days to curb your spending habit. To overcome your temptation will take time but it is possible.


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