How to choose the ideal trophy?

Trophies have a very strong personal and emotional meaning either for those who participate in sports competitions, or for those who collaborate in corporate or social events. Winning a trophy is synonymous with recognition, reward, and triumph. If you are preparing an event and you don’t know how to choose the ideal trophy, in this post you will find all the details that you should take into account.

Trophies: how to choose the perfect trophy?

Each competition or event has its particularity and it is important that the elements that accompany it are in tune. In this sense, to choose the appropriate trophies for each occasion, it is essential to know the types of trophies that exist and considers the following aspects:

  1. – Analyze the type of event

Looking for a trophy for a sports competition or maybe for a corporate event, or a social recognition? Once you have identified the type of event to be held, it will be easier for you to decide what type of trophies are the most appropriate for the moment. For example, if it is a gymnastics competition, the ideal is a medal with details of the discipline in question.

  1. – Choose the type of trophy you need

There are different types of trophies, indicated for each occasion or, more specifically, for the person who will receive them. At we have:

  • Cups
  • Trophies
  • Medals
  • Plates and trays

In addition, each type of trophy has different subtypes of trophies, such as those dedicated to art and cultural events, crafts, water sports, or athletics, basketball, cycling, golf, or football…

As for the Custom Medal, which are awarded in artistic or sports competitions, it is worth mentioning that it is a world with many possibilities. They are made of metal, ABS, UVI, embossed, or even glass and they can be in gold, old gold, silver, copper, or a custom color or drawings, such as a photo or a logo. In addition, in we also include the tape and a personalized recording.

  1. – Choose the right material

The material of the trophies can be wood, glass, laser crystal, methacrylate, or ceramic, among others. The material chosen is closely related to the durability and resistance you are looking for the trophy. Weight is also a variable to consider, everyone likes to lift heavy trophies!

  1. – Evaluate if an accessory is necessary

Accessories bring life to life and perfectly complement trophies. You can choose from appliqués, ribbons, and discs, which will add personality and style to the award. In addition, they can be adapted according to the sports discipline, for example.

Custom trophies

Continuing with the customization, the trophies can and must be unique and original, since it is not simple object. A trophy is the memory of achievement, of an effort. As for companies, it also represents the philosophy of a brand.

In this sense, at we have customizable medals, cups, and trophies. In this case, the size, the fixture, and the engraving are complete to the client’s taste. Do you have a custom trophy in mind? We do it for you. Exclusively, 100% customizable, from shape, materials, colors, weight…

As you can see, the trophy options are very diverse. Before choosing, you should question the reason for which the trophy is awarded, in addition to taking into account the type of event, the trophy material, accessories, and customization. If you still have questions about how to choose the ideal trophy, get in touch with us! We would love to support you in this decision, which will surely go beyond recognition in the sports or business sector.

  • Custom Medals
  • Custom Award Medals

Custom award medals are perfect for any campaign, such as a sporting event, and feature the highest quality craftsmanship. The customer can choose the plantation color in gold, silver, bronze, and copper. The medal design process ranges from the classic die-cut look to other innovative options such as 3D design, LED flashing, spinning, diamond faceting, etc.

If you are looking for custom medals in bulk, we can guarantee that you will have the best service with a low MOQ. We have been providing custom medals for Olympic and annual sporting events. Our personalized lockets are sure to suit your keepsake needs. Browse our custom badges from Custom Medals manufacturers to get started on the project.

Characteristics of sports medals

As in the case of trophies, sports medals can use different materials and designs. And of course, it is possible to customize them for your tournament or league.

The medals are usually metallic, imitating the appearance as if they were made of gold, silver, or bronze. In appearance, they are similar to coins, although usually larger in diameter and pronounced relief. In addition, they usually have a symbol or distinction inside. After choosing the desired material and its main finish, you will have to decide between different sizes. You can use a larger size for gold medals than silver or bronze for example. In the same way, you can differentiate the size of the medals according to the age category of the participants.

It is also possible to use a single material and finish for all the medals and to differentiate them with the motifs in the center. You can include a number to indicate the position in which the participants finished. Or use the disc for personalization with details of the sports discipline and/or your championship.

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