How To Choose the Right Firearms Training Course?

The variety of weapons training opportunities offered may make your head spin. Asking yourself these five questions will help you narrow down the vast pool of potential schools and teachers to find the one most suited to your needs.

Seek Student Feedback

Some people are so inexperienced with firearms training that they would not know anything. Therefore, evaluating an instructor’s quality may or may not be helpful. But eventually, someone will complain online. Listening to what they say is essential since it might save your life. Also, it’s best to go elsewhere to be safe if the firearm trainer is so new to the business that they don’t yet have any testimonials.

Assured Security

This is the first and most crucial question when choosing a shooting teacher. Fortunately, most teachers are cautious, as they should be. But if you or others are in danger, you should abandon the course and locate a safer one. Negligence or putting pupils in circumstances they are not equipped to manage by prioritizing speed over skill are the most common ways even substandard teachers put their students in danger.

Disinterested or careless instructors can contribute to a dangerous environment on the range. Most subpar teaching can be handled with a low final grade and a heads up to pals that the teacher is not great, but if you ever find out that your teacher has created a hostile classroom, you should get out of there as soon as possible.

Do You Require Any Accommodations

You should inquire about the school’s or instructor’s willingness to work with you if you have a disability or unique ability that might affect your shooting position or prevent you from participating in some training.

Suppose you are uncomfortable with being in a class with shooters who may be of a different ability or shooting level than you. In that case, Gunsite provides particular programs for youngsters, women, and “seasoned citizens.” If you like to learn in the company of other women, there is probably a class for you in your area.

They Strive to Meet Students Where They Are

Not all firearms instructors can train novices; others can only work with seasoned veterans. The most effective teachers can educate anybody. A competent firearms instructor does a skill assessment of their students much as any excellent high school math teacher or hockey coach would. They do this to ensure that every kid in their class is given the best opportunity to succeed. Most students in a shooting class advanced or not, rarely have the same degree of experience. 

The finest teachers can assist those pupils who are falling behind to catch up without boring the more advanced students. It may require creative lesson planning, but excellent teachers always push their students to reach their full potential. Bad teachers can only teach one curriculum and cannot adapt their lessons to the requirements of their pupils.

What Capabilities Do You Have

Time and money constraints force most of us to be selective about the classes we attend. We cannot afford to take such an expensive class very frequently (or ever) on top of the expense of a cross-country trip, what with airfare, lodging, meals, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Meanwhile, you might begin making plans for your someday-when-I-can dream course by seeing what is available locally that could satisfy your urgent requirements.

Never put a lot of money into a firearm course without first researching the teacher and getting recommendations; this is particularly true for more advanced programs. It is important to remember that ratings on Google and other open sources might be skewed by anti-gun activists who did not even bother to attend the event. Get some answers by contacting the institution. Take it as a warning sign if they appear rushed when you ask them questions.

After taking your first session, you will learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t for you in terms of a teacher, a school, and a timetable, and that knowledge will shape your choices in the future.

Consider Methods of Training Used

It may be beneficial to get instruction from someone with military experience. However, the circumstances in military training significantly differ from those in a gunfight. Training with complete equipment is one such instance. While this might be useful for training reasons, you will likely be wearing street clothing in an active shooter situation. 


Discovering a skilled shooter who is also a poor communicator is unusual. The finest teachers can express complex ideas clearly and concisely in terms, their students can grasp. This does not always result in the most aesthetically attractive language, but competent teachers know how to criticize their pupils so that they learn from their mistakes. Teachers who are excellent communicators are also organized and adhere to a set curriculum.

Mind Your Class Size

A trainer should not accept more pupils than they can effectively work with. As a result, pupils may not benefit from the individualized feedback necessary for effective firearms instruction. Although a teacher should not be held accountable for their popularity, a smaller class size may be preferable when learning skills that might save your life. Bad habits are more difficult to break down the road if you attempt to reproduce teaching just by sight without any tactile correction from the teacher.


If you want to get the most out of a class, students must realize that they significantly affect the outcome. If you are going to learn from a competent teacher, you must pay attention to what they say. Even if you have gun experience, brushing up on the fundamentals is a good idea. 

You have completed the course and need a high-quality holster to conceal your firearm. After taking your first session, you will learn a lot about what works and what does not for you in terms of a teacher, a firearms academy like COFA, and a timetable, and that knowledge will shape your choices in the future. COFA has the most outstanding products and customer service.

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