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How to Make your Facebook videos to Get More Views

Every day, Facebook users watch approximately 8 billion clips or 100 million hours of media. These figures were released early last year, but imagine how much higher they are now as Facebook continues to grow and expand its video offerings.

   To get high video views on Facebook the following things should be kept in mind:

  • Make square videos

We invested $1,500 early this year to figure out what makes films go viral on social media.

Regarding average interaction, views, and reach, squares videos outpaced landscape ones, especially on smartphones. We aren’t the first ones who have seen these trends. 

Every day, more than 92 percent of Facebook users access the site via their mobile devices.  

Since 2013, Smartphone video usage has surged by 233 percent, with mobile accounting for more than half of all video viewing.


On a Smartphone, square clips take up 78 percent more space in the News Feeds than they do on desktops. With more people watching videos on their phones, it’ll be interesting to observe if square videos increase your video quality. Because Facebook has been showing more extensive previews for vertical videos in the News Feeds on smartphones, you might like to consider making vertical films.

We’ve been making simple, brief videos with Animoto plus more professionally made ones with Adobe Premiere and After Effects.


  • Get people’s interest in the first three seconds.

Facebook clips play automatically to keep users’ interest and persuade them to view more.  

As a result, the initial few seconds of your Facebook clip should engage your viewers even if there is no sound. BuzzFeed has mastered this technique. This is how they did it:


Great thumbnails: BuzzFeed uses bespoke thumbnails that effectively grab the public’s attention as they browse through their newsfeed.

Make a quick post update to tease the clip: It’s sometimes only the video’s subtitle (if that is compelling enough). They also tease what the clip is about at points. 

Start right away: BuzzFeed isn’t shy about grabbing people’s attention. The very first frame, in general, is designed to pique someone’s attention. Through this, you can get a good number of facebook video views.


  • How to Improve Your Audience Connection

Facebook Streaming Videos allow you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Your customers can engage with you in full detail. This establishes a new degree of trust and confidence. Facebook Live Films are authentic and unscripted, unlike your good or service clips, which present a structured and thorough portrayal of your business.


Individuals should not get the impression that they are being scripted as well as pre-programmed. It must be a human-to-human interaction where customers can communicate with your firm and feel more attached, creating a personal connection, establishing loyalty, and ensuring retention.


  • Provide information as soon as possible

You can view what is working and what doesn’t function in real-time with a Live Video. It enables you to discover what type of material your audience likes and what they are most likely to interact with.


It also enables you to share data. In real time Changes to your business hours, offerings, product launches, and so on. You can also understand what your current, as well as potential customers, are most engaged in, which can help you provide the goods and offerings that are highly in desire by your target market.


  • More people will be reached.

Facebook already has over 1.7 million monthly engaged users (with a ‘b’). Throughout November 2015, Facebook reached an all-time high of 8 billion everyday video viewers.


Facebook Live Broadcasting Videos have the ability to reach a wider audience, resulting in increased online exposure and marketing. Your business might get more people than a normal post update owing to the instant interaction comments and the reality that this is a visible video.


  • It’s More Desirable to Watch a Video


Viewers recall video material better than other kinds of products because it is more highly appealing plus easier to assimilate. Every day, 500 million Facebook members watch videos on the network. Facebook Live Clips are also viewed three times as long as conventional videos on Facebook.


Participation with an upgrade is among the most critical indicators that Facebook analyses to decide what is relevant and significant to its customers.



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