Mementoes of Bravery: The Purpose of Firefighter Challenge Coins

Have you ever wondered what firefighter challenge coins are used for? Well, if you have, that’s a pretty interesting inquiry. You may be surprised to learn that these coins have more significance than you know.

So, what is a challenge coin? We’ll explain that and more in the information below. Just keep reading.

The History of Challenge Coins

A challenge coin is basically a small metal disk that looks similar to a United States quarter. It has beautiful engravings designed on it to symbolize special significance. It’s unknown how or why challenge coins came about, but some speculate that they first came on the scene during World War I when soldiers received challenge coins for their bravery.

Soldiers who had the most challenge coins were seen as more prestigious and triumphant than others.

The Beginning of Firefighter Challenge Coins

Since most military personnel became firefighters after they left the service, the tradition of giving out challenge coins followed them. You can tell the difference between a challenge coin and regular coin currency because challenge coins are larger. But they’re still small enough to fit in your hands.

Usually, they’re made from a thick silver or bronze material and include engraving on both sides. Some even have colors around the edge.

Earning Firefighter Challenge Coins

Although most firefighter coins are earned, some of them can be bought as well. If you want a challenge coin, the easiest way to get one is to buy it. Some firemen even put them up for sale on different websites.

See here for more information about buying custom challenge coins.

However, if you want to receive a challenge going the traditional way, then it takes bravery. In some fire departments, they’ll give their firemen challenge coins when they carry out protective duties like shielding coworkers and others from flames.

In most cases, fighters have to show extraordinary excellence on the job to receive the coins.

Another scenario where a firefighter might receive a challenge coin is if a tragedy occurs and certain members lose their lives. There are memorial challenge coins created to memorialize the event, and they’re given to the surviving firefighters.

Challenge coins are also used during special events. When there are anniversaries at the fire department, community parades, and new firehouse openings, challenge coins are usually a big part of those events.

They’ll pass the coins out to team members and gift some firefighters with them to reward extraordinary achievements.

Firefighter Challenge Coins Explained

Hopefully this information helps you to better understand firefighter challenge coins. As you can see, they have a rich history and significant meaning.

But of course, anyone who takes an interest in challenge coins can collect them. They are widely available for sale.

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