Outdoor Living Space Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Back Yard

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The pandemic changed home living in many ways. Today, more than 32% of adult Americans are working from home.

Another 21% often goes to the office although they prefer to work from home. Generally, the culture is changing, and things will likely remain this way for long.

Since we spend more time than ever at home, it’s ideal to remodel your environment and make it more comfortable. You want outdoor living space ideas that turn that backyard into a serene lounge for relaxing after a day’s work.

Generally, you have the option of hiring a professional or doing it yourself. However, DIY outdoor living space ideas tend to be more affordable.

Besides, they allow you to add a personal touch to every design. Even better, you can use the readily available materials in your yard.

So, what are some of the best outdoor living space ideas to watch out for in 2021 and beyond? How do you work within the budget? Let’s look into cheap outdoor living space ideas that compliment a simple but classy remodeling.

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1. Install a Landscape

Nothing feels more luxurious in a home than an inviting landscape. Going green should be at the top of your remodeling bucket list if you’re going to create a cozy ambiance. Although DIY landscaping is affordable, using professionals guarantee the best results.

However, installing a landscape is just a small part of the job. The real deal is maintaining it to ensure the space is ever lush.

Fertilize and seed your backyard lawns regularly as needed. Install automatic irrigation systems to water the grass even if you’re not around.

The result is a lush lawn that’s ready for evening or weekend activities. You can lay in the grass during summers and play with your kids. You can also host friends over a grill-out session.

Generally, the applications of a good-looking lawn are endless.

2. Fix That Fence

Are you looking for outdoor living space ideas on a budget? After installing the landscape, the next task should be mending your fence.

Many homeowners often overlook fence upgrades, but they can transform the overall look of your yard. Most importantly, a fence protects your landscape.

Watch out for any missing palling that can cause the fence to collapse. You also want to ensure all the poles are firm.

You can paint or weather-proof coatings to protect the wood from rain and direct sunlight. Even better, go for green fences.

3. Lighting to Brighten the Ambiance

Creating an outdoor living space entails lighting up the yard to brighten the ambiance. Besides, outdoor lighting enhances the property’s marketability and curb appeal. On top of that, it illuminates your home at night for enhanced safety and security.

The options for outdoor lighting are pretty overwhelming. For instance, you can go for uplighting to highlight architectural details, trees, and focal points.

You can also add pendant lights for evening activities such as grilling. Additionally, walkway lights can illuminate rails and steps.

However, outdoor lighting bills can be expensive in the long haul. Thus, you would want to go for solar lights, which are generally maintenance-free and durable.

4. Spruce Up the Decking

Once you decide to elevate your outdoor living space, remodeling should touch everything, including the deck. However, it doesn’t mean erecting a whole new structure. You can work with what you have by cleaning and improving its conditions.

Start by cleaning your deck to renew a pristine appearance. It can take several hours, but a pressure washing machine will ensure the job is enjoyable. Pressure washers are available for hire from your local home cleaning experts.

After removing the dirt and stains, brush the deck with a soft broom. Then, add a new sealant to improve the structure’s resistance to bad weather. A cleaner deck enhances your property’s curb appeal and also boosts its resale value.

5. Plant Therapy

Besides landscaping, another way of adding greenery when creating an outdoor space is plant therapy. Many homeowners go for basic potted plants created from DIY materials around the property. However, you want to be different and stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

You would want to consider a vertical garden system for your backyard. These systems are readily available in your local hardware and offer a bigger space for more creativity. You can go for a couple of aromatic herbs and plant them alongside rows of hardy succulents.

What’s more, there are many reputable potted plant suppliers in the country. You’ll always be able to find something that compliments your home and region. Visit to explore your options for planters.

Going for plant therapy means performing regular maintenance. If you’re a busy homeowner, installing an automatic irrigation system sounds like a good plan. Besides, innovative systems adjust their water output to weather changes.

6. Go Overboard With Outdoor Appliances

When you speak about the best outdoor living space ideas, you probably have garden parties in mind. Backyards provide a ready space for family activities such as birthday parties, weekend grill-out sessions, and much more. Thus, you want to enhance the functionality of this space.

Outdoor appliances are increasingly becoming popular in outdoor remodeling. You can add cooling boxes or portable refrigerators at designated sitting spots. Further, you can install an in-built microwave at the outdoor countertop.

7. Other Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Generally, leveraging DIY outdoor living space ideas is about personalizing the space. You can add anything that creates comfort and luxury.

For instance, you can add a fire pit next to the dining area. Food and fire have been bringing people together since early human civilization.

Also, you can install a dog run. This will likely boost your property’s value because many new homeowners resort to private properties with no pet restrictions. In that case, don’t forget to add a doggie window (entertainment spot) to your fence.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

You can implement all these outdoor living space ideas without breaking the bank. What’s more, they even enhance your property’s value.

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