Teaching English as a Foreign Language – TEFL

Many individuals opt for TEFL courses today. These courses have benefits that facilitate individuals to teach English. TEFL, short for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, acts as an authentic certificate that allows individuals to impart knowledge to others. There are various requirements and benefits to opting for such certification courses. The TEFL Certificate Course is prevalent worldwide and allows qualified candidates to impart language skills to those in countries like China, Japan, Spain, etc. Thus, this article will elucidate the different requirements, qualifications, Assessment criteria, and benefits of opting for such courses in today’s scenario. 

Minimum Requirements

Before attempting to get into such programs, individuals need to ensure that they qualify for them. As mentioned earlier, there are a few basic requirements. Here are some of these qualifications.

  1. Adult – Firstly, individuals looking to participate in such courses as instructors should be above eighteen. This requirement ensures that the instructors have a few years of experience in schooling before they opt for such programs. All individuals who apply for such courses ensure that they are over eighteen before getting into the program. Those who do not meet these requirements are automatically disqualified from being able to participate in such programs. 
  2. Secondary Education – Secondly, individuals should have completed their secondary education before indulging in such programs. This fact implies that individuals need a minimum of 12 years of studies before getting certified as a TEFL instructor. 
  3. English Proficiency – Another requirement that requires fulfilment is the proficiency levels of the candidates’ English. Individuals engaging in such programs need certifications from authorized institutions. These certifications should claim that the individual has high English-proficiency levels. High scores from exams like CEFR, etc., allow individuals to participate in such programs. 
  4. Application Tests and Interview – Finally, individuals need to pass their application tests with required scores. This fact allows those imparting such certification courses to assess candidates fairly. They also have an interview round proceeding with these tests. This activity finally facilitates the interviewer to gauge the proficiency level of the candidates in English. Thus, these activities allow instructors to ensure that the candidate has met the requirements and is qualified to pursue such courses today. 

Benefits of Certification 

As mentioned earlier, there are certain benefits to opting for a TEFL certificate course today. Many individuals observe these benefits as they apply for various opportunities later. Here are some advantages one can notice today. 

  1. Employability Benefits – Firstly, individuals who apply for various employment opportunities notice the benefits of opting for such courses. They get the ability to communicate their grades to employers. Employers also understand that these candidates have a few years of experience in the said domain. It allows them to get a better understanding of the candidate’s communication skills. Thus, these courses skew the chances of getting accepted in the candidate’s favour. 
  2. Personal Understanding – Secondly, individuals who opt for a TEFL certificate course also understand things better themselves. They go through various syllabuses and comprehend English at higher levels. They also get an increased understanding of grammar and vocabulary while pursuing such courses. 
  3. Preparation – Finally, individuals who opt for such courses also prepare themselves for the future. They get a basic understanding of what gets expected out of them. This fact allows them to focus on their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Commonly known as SWOT analysis, these techniques have a plethora of benefits in today’s scenario. It gives individuals an inner perspective and allows them to gauge their features.

In conclusion, a TEFL certificate course has various requirements and benefits in today’s scenario. Individuals can apply for such programs and observe the benefits. They can prepare for these courses while also pursuing other avenues. Thus, one can keep multiple individuals opting to pursue such prospects today. 

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