Temporary Staffing – Everything you need to know

No matter what company you own, whether you’re running a big restaurant or have an accounting firm, there’ll be some days when you need some extra hands and skills. In this situation, hiring a temporary worker may be the best decision for you. Temporary staffing provides great relief by completing the desired tasks and there’s no such long-term agreement involved.

What is Temporary Staffing?

Temporary or contractual staffing refers to the recruiting of employees for a relatively brief time and work. The outsourcing firm’s recruited, verified, and instructed temporary staff before being sent to client companies.

Staffing agencies usually provide updated training to temporary staff which results in better productivity.

This idea is getting acceptance in this modern new-age business due to its multiple benefits.

Rules for Hiring temporary employees

Organizations that are rapidly developing, have changing production demands, or require a specific skillset on a short-term basis can greatly benefit from temporary staff. There are some rules for hiring temporary employees such as

  • Not Eligible for Benefits:

Temporary employees are not entitled to benefits, and employers are not obligated to provide them.

  • Well stated contracts:

A company must provide the temp worker with a contract that spells out their salary and length of employment, as well as any additional terms.

  • Rehiring limit:

For two years in a row, you can be rehired as a temp for the same organization.

  • Employment time limit:

For a temporary employee, the job should continue not more than one year. With a longer time on the job, the temp becomes a regular employee with benefits.

  • Provide Worker’s Compensation:

Temporary employees are eligible for Workers’ Compensation. Either the company or the staffing agency that provided the temp employee is responsible for it.

Benefits of Hiring Temporary Staff:

Here are some of the most essential advantages to hire temporary workers for your company by engaging with a professional staffing agency:

  1. Investing in Skills

A key advantage of temporary staffing is the opportunity to bring in skills, expertise, and abilities that are more advanced than required in order to make a big effect on a company in a short time period.

Currently, it is very beneficial to engage with highly skilled and qualified temporary employees that help with your organization’s needs.

  1. Provide extra help on busy days

If your company faces regular fluctuations inactivity, or if you get a major contract that raises the duration of the project, hiring temporary staff could be extremely advantageous.

Bringing in temporary workers during peak periods relieves pressure on your current employees and provides much-needed help.

  1. Save time and money

Recruiting temp workers is generally less expensive than hiring full-time staff with benefits. In other words, hiring a temp is usually more cost-effective.

Now, it’s not required to recruit a full-time employee for jobs that are projected to last for six months or more.

  1. Flexibility 

Firms can use the temporary labor in their ups or downs as needed. You can use the agency’s staff as much or as little as you want to, and you can terminate their services once your project is completed.

You can reduce staff without going through unpleasant downsizing during the hard times of the year. Furthermore, you’ll have accessibility to exceptional professionals (temporary staff) who can fill a position in a short period of time during busy schedules.


In short, a skilled temp is used to move in and out of the organizations as per requirements. However, companies can make their time pleasant and possibly more productive by expressing your appreciation.

Train your employees to meet them in a polite manner and handle them with dignity and respect. Also, reply properly to any temp’s questions or requests. Even if a temp is with you for a short period, you and your coworkers can make every minute useful. By doing this you can fulfill the main concept of temporary staffing.


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