The Top 5 Paintball Fields in the US


Whether you are new to the game of paintball or an avid player already, you’re probably looking for the biggest adrenaline rush! Let’s be honest, there are some places to play paintball in the US that just simply don’t live up to expectations.

One of the most important aspects of playing paintball comes down to the field design. From themed playing areas to interesting obstacles, a great field can completely change the game. Read on to find the top paintball fields in the US that you have to experience!

1. Paintball Explosion

Paintball Explosion is located in East Dundee, Illinois. They are home to seven themed courses that are so intricately designed so you’ll feel like you’re really on a real-life battlefield. Their current fields include Mutiny, Turmoil, Biohazard, Nam, World at War, Nuketown, and Code Black.

Many people are on the hunt to find the real Nuketown from the popular game Call of Duty. At Paintball Explosion, you can get pretty close. has all the info you need to get that experience.

You can choose from a variety of game styles to play as well including paintball, low impact paintball, airsoft, laser tag, and enjoy their bar and grill. In addition, they host special events regularly such as clowns versus zombies.

2. Skirmish US

Albrightsville, Pennsylvania is home to Skirmish US and is a sanctuary for paintball fans. This incredible place spans over 700 acres and includes 50 maps making it one of the best places to play paintball. In terms of field topography, they have dense woods, creeks, bridges, open fields, swamps, tanks, rhododendron trees, forts, villages, 2 castles, cargo containers, airplanes, speedball arenas, inflatable bunkers, and more.

3. Blitz Paintball

Just outside of Denver, Colorado you’ll find Blitz Paintball. This field is ranked among the top US paintball fields because you get maximum thrill every time. This park features five different recreational fields including Hyperball, Spool Field, Urban Combat, The Castle, and Military Base. They also have two tournament fields.

4. Hollywood Sports

This themed paintball park is exactly where you might expect based on the name; Los Angeles, California! For those movie buffs out there, you can enjoy playing inside the sets of your favorite films such as Mad Max. You can also enjoy the fields Lunar War, Escape LA, Combat Center, Forbidden City, Racoon City, and more!

5. Apocolypse Paintball

This Wisconsin field is designed perfectly for the needs of both pros and beginners. They have 16 different-sized playing fields to experience. The 40,000 square foot castle is the largest in the state and frequently rated at the top for great paintball experiences.

Best Paintball Fields in the United States

Paintball is a thrilling and fun experience no matter where you play. However, you can maximize your game by spending time and money on one of these amazing paintball fields.

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