This Is How Much Your Dream Backyard Will Cost You

Dream Backyard

Summer may be over halfway over, but that doesn’t mean your attempts to design your backyard have to stop. If you want to make a landscape suitable for all four seasons, you can easily make a few adjustments to make it happen. However, creating the backyard of your dreams is no small task, and can prove expensive.

How much does the average backyard makeover cost? What adjustments can you make that make a difference without breaking the bank? Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Diving Into the Deep End

Let’s start with one of the biggest factors that drives up the average cost of backyard makeovers: Adding in a pool. With all the digging, repaving, sealing, and preparation work required, the average cost of a backyard makeover with pool included can rise into the tens of thousands.

You can read more from our friends at Sahara Pool Builder if you need more information on the average swimming pool construction cost.

Sculpting a Sustainable Backyard

One of the biggest criticisms of your standard front and back yard is that it’s an unsustainable monoculture of grass and non-native flowers. More recent backyard designs have an eye towards stability, sustainability, and biodiversity. However, that can involve investing in non-standard grass, seeds, and trees.

This can push your landscaping costs anywhere from one thousand dollars to over ten thousand, depending on the amount of labor you need to be done.

Furnishing Your Backyard Makeover

A common trend in recent years is to bring the indoors out, and the outdoors in. This has led to a boom in features like firepits, outdoor kitchens, and complete rooms of outdoor furniture. If you want to construct such rooms, then your backyard makeover cost can rise anywhere from two thousand dollars to nearly a hundred thousand.

Factors that can influence this cost include whether you’re running electricity and water to those furnished areas, whether or not any paving needs to be done, and of course, the type of furniture pieces you purchase for your outdoor space. A simple room, you can furnish with staples at a big box store for low-cost backyard makeovers. For anything more grandiose, you need professional help.

Paving the Way for Your Dream Backyard

Decks, patios, pergolas, and paved walkways can give you smooth, non-grass surfaces to walk on through your yard and create a unique experience. Professionally installing a deck or patio can cost anywhere between fifteen and thirty dollars per square foot, depending on the materials you use. However, if you want something you can do yourself for fairly cheap, you can purchase simple pavers from any big box hardware store and place them in a pattern that pleases you for a hundred or so dollars.

Let’s Review: How Much Does the Average Backyard Makeover Cost?

The average cost of a backyard makeover can vary depending on what, exactly. you intend to do. However, you can usually expect your backyard makeover cost to exceed a thousand dollars if you want to redo your entire yard. If you need more information on this and other home remodeling projects, check out our blog for more articles like this!

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