Top 10 Unique Bed Frames for Eclectic Design

Eclectic Design

The average human sleeps for about 230,000 hours in a lifetime.

It makes sense to not only invest in a quality bed but also to buy one that feels good to come home to. After all, you spend about a third of your lifetime asleep on it. Make it count.

Below is a list of ten unique bed frames for your new bedframe inspiration. Read on to find your next favorite bedroom decor.

1. Wooden Slab Bed

This wooden frame bed makes the top of the list of unique bed frames due to its magnificent headboard. Its headboard showcases a huge slab of wood that is unevenly cut so as to highlight the wood’s natural features.

This gives the wooden frame a one-of-a-kind feels that cannot be reproduced exactly as it is. Each headboard and bedframe, even if sold by the same store, is unique to that specific piece of wood.

To properly show off this piece of interior design, keep the room as minimalist and rustic as possible.

2. Industrial Metal Pipe Bed

This is a metal frame bed made from industrial pipes. Depending on the rest of the room, this bed gives either farmhouse vibes or edgy Brooklyn brownstone vibes.

The best part about this industrial metal pipe bed is that you can actually build the frame yourself and you can find all the tools you need at the hardware store: pipes and connecting pieces.

It’s like a jigsaw puzzle but for a bed.

3. Low Profile Japanese Platform Bed

This low-profile platform bed frame combines the simplicity of minimalism and the tradition of Japanese tatami into a beautiful, low-platform bed.

Tatami is a Japanese-styled mat used for the flooring in dojos for martial arts training, or for sitting. With this low-profile bed frame, you sleep closer to the ground (as with Japanese tatami) without actually sleeping on the ground.

This bed frame comes in a variety of neutral and modern-looking colors to match its sleek look. You can learn more about this bed frame here:

4. Light up Floating Bed

Research shows that intentional lighting can impact a person’s mood and physiological behavior.

One study found that immersing a group of elderly into a warm atmosphere after exposing them to an anxiety-inducing experience, helped them to better regulate their body and emotions.

With the lights under this floating bed, you can control them to evoke a certain atmosphere in your room. The lights not only set the mood but also elevates the aesthetic of this floating bed.

5. Tree Canopy Bed

The tree canopy is truly what seals the deal for this style bed.

This bed frame places long branch-like pieces at each corner of the bed, with their ends hovering over the center of the mattress. This hovering effect closes the top and creates a canopy effect.

This tree canopy bed combines both nature and art in the best way possible. The edges are not perfectly straight, but which tree in nature is?

6. Wave-Like Platform Bed

This wave-like platform bed is all about aesthetics. The entire bed frame is an illusion.

From afar, this platform bed looks as if the bed were on a slant, matching the direction of the wave. Upon closer inspection, though, this bed is on a platform that only looks like it is raised on an angle.

This wave-like platform bed is the sort of interior design decor fit for a modern and ambient room. You can pair this platform bed with a neutral area rug underneath to make this bed frame stand out even more.

7. Round Barrel Bed

Have you seen those round barrel swivel chairs in any one of the furniture stores you visited? It is the perfect lounging spot for couples or even for friends.

Think barrel chair, but make it a bed.

Round barrel beds are circular platforms featuring a luxurious upholstered headboard. These beds may be circular, but they fit a rectangular mattress in the middle.

Do you know anyone else with a round bed? Didn’t think so.

8. Murphy Bed

Murphy beds, also known as “wall beds,” are beds that can fold up into the wall when the bed is not in use. This foldable bed frame helps to reduce the look of clutteredness by hiding what would otherwise have been a huge static feature in the room: your bed.

These beds are two-in-one or even three-in-one, depending on which style you choose. Some fold up and reveal a desk and a whole work station. Others fold up and become shelves on the wall.

All in all, murphy beds are multi-functional and space-saving, which makes them perfect for those living in smaller homes.

9. Tipi Bed

Tipis, or teepees, were cone-like homes that Native Americans of the Great Plains used to live in. Native Americans built tipis using wooden poles and animal skin lining to help retain heat.

Tipi beds keep this similar pointed center at the top with canopy lining that drapes around the rounded bed. This bed looks incredible when floated.

Tipi beds are one of those unique bed frames that can be adapted to fit a triangular prism shaped tipi bed–think, the frame of a swing set at the park. Your little ones will scramble to go to bed with this frame.

10. Egg Bed Pod

If you close your eyes and imagine how the world would look 20 or 40 years into the future, an egg bed pod might be what you envision.

An egg bed pod is the shape of an egg with an opening for you to get in and to get out of. The interior of this pod has, of course, a round mattress and bed for you to sleep in.

This egg bed pod looks sleek and futuristic. Jump into the future with this luxurious sleeping arrangement.

Unique Bed Frames to Match Your Style

Your bed is one of the biggest pieces of furniture in your room. It’s how you make a bold statement about who you are and what your style is.

Of all these unique bed frames, which one was your favorite? What are you leaning towards?

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