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Web App Development in 2022: Everything You Need to Know

Productivity and profitability of the resource directly depend on the quality of the project. All the main characteristics are created on the stage of development, the project is provided with an attractive design, and the functionality needed to perform its tasks. The process of creating the site, the stages of development depend on its type, the specified objectives. In any case, to obtain a quality result requires the participation of web application development services. They will help to implement your idea and tell you about the main aspects.

The preparatory process

The first phase of site development is preparation. The customer explains to specialists the purpose of creating a project, sets out the wishes, the requirements for a resource. In order to obtain information in full fill out a brief containing questions that allow specialists to determine the level and nature of the task ahead. Competitor sites are also analyzed on topics of interest: the specifics of the service or product. Based on the information received, the type, style and volume of the site is chosen. Masters offer the customer a few options, give recommendations.

Creating an Internet project involves many different processes. The main stages of website development include:

  • Conclusion of a contract for the provision of services.
  • Formation of detailed terms of reference.
  • Creating a sketch of the future site, the design layout of each page.
  • Make-up of the project.
  • Introduction of compiled layouts in the administrative panel of the site, programming, setting the desired functionality.
  • Filled with content.
  • Conducting testing.
  • Launch the resource online.

In the category of the main stages of the development of the site include the formation of a design concept, page prototypes, layouts, desktop and adaptive versions. On the attractiveness of the interface, the quality of technical setup depends on the attendance of the resource, the evaluation of search engines. Attentively selected shades, fonts, images, animation, allowing to emphasize the subject of the project, its uniqueness, the structure of pages, information content and its presentation.

Types of sites

To date, the most popular and in demand are the following categories of online representations:

  • Site-card. Contains general, briefly stated information about its owner or company. Usually includes up to 20 pages with a unique, but simple and functional design, providing information about the services offered to a wide range of network users. Such a resource is ideal for individual entrepreneurs, young and start-up firms.
  • Internet-shop. Obligatorily contains a catalog of goods and an ordering cart. Usually includes all sorts of interactive forms: guest book, forum, “ask a question” service. Has functions of accepting purchase orders, offering customers a choice of payment options, an invoice for payment, while serving as proof of order. On the main page of the site you can often see new products, special offers, and sales hits.
  • Promo site. As a rule, this is a non-mainstream resource of the company, it is created specifically to promote any service, product or main site. Optimization of such a site is conducted to get higher places in the search engine rankings, which will bring the resource more visitors, and the company, respectively, more revenue.
  • News site. Performs a very important task – it must convey to visitors information about the events that have occurred recently, are happening at the moment, or will occur in the near future. In this case, a news site can be dedicated to a specific subject or tell the virtual community about the news from different spheres of life of people.
  • Blog. Nowadays such resources are common in the World Wide Web and their popularity is constantly growing. Like news sites, blogs are designed to provide certain information to the Internet community, but there is one significant difference between them: the author of a blog describes only his personal opinion about what is happening.


More and more modern internet users use mobile gadgets to go online. It is necessary to form an adaptive version of the site for smartphones, tablets, to make it attractive and easy to use. This task is a mandatory part of the plan for each project in our company.

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