What are some names with good meanings

Name is something that goes along with you throughout your life and once it is selected for you, you do not get to change it every now and then so you should always choose it carefully.

Naming your kids as parents is one huge responsibility and you should always do it with utmost care so that your kids do not keep regretting it throughout their lives.

Names also have a huge role in the personality and they really do have an impact if you understand and know, so always think thrice before you give a name to your kid.

You might believe it or you might not but names with good meaning do have positive effects on the kids and they should always be given full thoughts into it.

In this article, we will suggest to you some names with some really good meanings that you can choose easily for your kids.


The first name that we are going to mention in this list is Asa. When we talk about names that are very rare and unique, this name always comes up in our minds.

This is the name that is not very commonly used and that is why it is extremely unique and just as beautiful. The meaning of the name Asa is a healer.

You can choose this name because it has all the qualities i.e. it is a very unique name, it has an amazing meaning, and it comes with a very easy pronunciation.

This name will soon gain so much popularity because of the qualities that this name possesses and also because of its very nice meaning.


Ellie is the second name that needs to be in the list of names that come with great meanings because it has an awesome meaning that we will discuss a little later.

This is the name that again has a huge fan following and it is the name that is quite popular in the west. This name does not stand on top, but it still is close to that.

Now, when it comes to the meaning of the name, its meaning is shining light. One of the major reasons for people choosing this name is its meaning.

You can use this name for your kid if you want.


This again is the name in this list that you must not have heard too much before because it has recently started to gain a lot of fame and popularity.

This is the name that is used for the baby girls and people who are always in search of names that are very unique and are not every other kids’ name can go for it.

This name meaning is blue eyes baby girl which is actually very beautiful. And another amazing quality is that when you learn the meaning of this name you also for an image in your head.

This again is a very unique name that you can choose for your girl.


Now, when we talk about the names that are given to the boys there are a few names that are always stuck in our mind and we definitely want them as suggestions.

Nihal is one of those names that are quite popular in the Arabs because it has an Arabic origin and it also comes from Arabs.

When it comes to the meaning, the name Nihal meaning is joyous or someone who is successful. This again is a popular name majorly because of its meaning.


The names that come from different origins, that are specifically not for your culture or religion are very hard to find and it always comes close to impossible to choose any.

This is the name that you can choose no matter what culture or religion do you belong to because it again has a wonderful meaning and you can definitely choose it for your baby boy.

The meaning of this name Aaron is enlightened, and this name comes from the Christian background and is also quite popular there.

You can select this name because it again possesses all the qualities that should be present in a good name with good meaning.


So, we hit the end of this article, we will mention the last name of this list which is not only cute but is also pretty popular in both Christians and Muslims.

This is the name that has also been selected by popular celebrities and that is one reason for its popularity.

The meaning of the name Zane is God’s gracious gift and anyone who hears its meaning definitely wants to choose this name for their kids.

This name particularly comes from the Christians and its origin is also from them but it is also used by the people in Muslim countries for their kids.

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