What Are the Main Features of Gold Coast?

Gold Coast

The city of Gold Coast is on the east coast of Australia, in the state called Queensland. It is located an hour’s drive south of Brisbane, the largest metropolis in the region. Endowed with beaches that deserve the title of paradise, it is not for nothing that it is known as the “Golden Coast”。

It has a little more than 500 thousand inhabitants, who have 52 kilometers of coastline, in addition to several parks, squares, forests, rivers and mountains. This daily contact with nature provides better quality of life, in addition to the city offering several leisure options, exclusive spaces to practice sports and incredible tours.

The city is very committed to protecting the environment, adopting sustainable practices in the daily lives of the population, who work together so that their community can prosper without harming nature. To cut carbon emissions, for example, authorities encourage people to get around by bicycle, on foot or using public transport.

There’re first-class schools and universities in Gold Coast is increasingly sought after by international students, who enjoy living for a season in a place with climatic characteristics similar to our country. However, the city also offers lower cost of living, safety, quality of life and landscapes that will be forever imprinted in your memory.

What is it like to live on the Gold Coast?

The lifestyle in a city like the Gold Coast is very quiet, with streets with little traffic, people enjoying the natural beauty to walk or exercise and with easy access to the best beaches in the region.

Even if the international student, in addition to studying, also has a job, there is still time to enjoy the city. Displacements are fast and there is always some attraction close to home, whether it is a shopping center, restaurants, bars, clubs, services in general, cinemas, theaters and concert halls.

All of the city’s neighborhoods are surrounded by rivers, lakes and beautiful green areas, which have great facilities for residents, such as gym equipment, multi-sport courts, picnic and barbecue spaces, swimming pools and much more. It is also common for parks and squares to have a great cultural program, with scenic presentations, musical shows and performances by artists of the most varied styles.

Have the pleasure of going to the beach every day, even if only to enjoy the sea riding your bike on the great cycle lanes available along the shores of the Gold Coast. The fame of the city’s waves attracts many water sports competitions, among the most famous is the WCT, the world championship of professional surfing.

Anyone who chooses Gold Coast to live during their study in Australia, can be sure that this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The benefits of a city with a privileged nature, qualified educational institutions and incredible professional opportunities make this destination an ideal place for this great adventure.

What to do in Gold Coast?

Naturally, attractions related to natural life are the most sought after on the Gold Coast, however, the city offers a menu full of cultural activities, spaces to practice sports and theme parks for fun.

Every day of the week you can do something on the Gold Coast, no matter what your tastes. Discover the best things to do in the Australian city below.

Beaches to visit

The beaches of the Gold Coast are considered “amusement parks” by locals. The coastline extends throughout the city, with well-kept sand strips and lifeguard protection, which have a great reputation and guarantee safety at sea.

In the more central area, one of the favorites is BroadBeach, which is great for a day at the beach, but which also has many attractions around it. There are many shopping centers, refined bistros, trendy brasseries, cool cafes and a lot of hype.

On the sand, “Brodie”, as the locals call it, has surf schools, sports clubs, public restrooms, barbecue area, parking and a beautiful green area, where you can even take yoga and meditation classes.

Access to the BroadBeach area is easy using public transport, with a tram line that leaves visitors almost with their feet in the sand.

Heading north is the famous Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast’s busiest beach and one of Australia’s most visited tourist spots. This area hosts many events, such as music and arts festivals, celebrations such as the Chinese New Year and Carnival, as well as being the stage for a lively nightlife.

In Surfers Paradise, visitors will find excellent facilities for leisure, food and sports. One of the tours that cannot be left out is to climb the SkyPoint Observation Deck, which is on top of Q1, a building over 300 meters. From the lookout, which has a 360-degree view, you can enjoy the entire Gold Coast.

The bravest can climb the building via ladders and platforms, which are on the outside of Q1. Using safety equipment and with the guidance of professionals, the adventurer climbs an outdoor structure, which provides one of the most incredible landscapes on Earth.

For those who enjoy surfing or just admire the sport, the destination should be Coolangatta, where the place known as Snapper Rocks is located. In these waves, the first stage of the WTC (World Surf League Championship) is held every year, when the best athletes in the sport meet, among them the Brazilian world champions Gabriel Medina and Adriano de Souza.

See other Gold Coast beaches worth visiting:

  • Burleigh Beach;
  • Currumbin;
  • Tugun;
  • Miami;
  • Mermaid Beach;
  • North Burleigh.

Sports options

The city of Gold Coast is very linked to sports, with authorities investing heavily in infrastructure and training programs. There are many free places to exercise and live a healthy life.

It is possible to practice a range of sports at local clubs, which prepare amateurs from amateurs to high-level competitors. Swimming training centers are among the best in Australia, where many international competitions of varying levels are held.

At the Gold Coast Cycle Centre, residents can use the same facilities as athletes who competed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The cycling training center features an outdoor velodrome, off-road track, changing rooms, lounge and a platform with a privileged view of the slopes.

For those who want to feel freer, the Gold Coast shore is very inviting for walking, jogging and cycling, which are also great physical activities. Feel the breeze while admiring the multicolored sea from the city’s beaches. This is quality of life!

Discover other places to practice sports in the Australian city:

Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium;

Runaway Bay Indoor Stadium;

Gold Coast Sports Precinct;

Coomera Indoor Sports Centre;

Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre;

Book the Sporting Event Venue.

Thematic parks

Gold Coast is known as the “Florida of Australia”, because the city and its surroundings are home to some of the best theme parks in the country.

The developments have the most varied themes, from classic aquatic centers to amusement parks with the most radical rides, such as chilling roller coasters.

See the theme parks available on the Gold Coast:

Warner Bros Movie World;

Sea World;


Whitewater World;

The Rockpools;

GC Wake Park.

How to study in Gold Coast?

Australia is one of the countries that facilitate the entry of international students, who are looking for short to long-term courses. To live for a season in the country of Oceania, the interested party must apply for a student visa for diplomatic representation in Brazil.

The process is not difficult, however, the lack of guidance and knowledge about the rules for obtaining a visa can end up making the trip impossible. At this time, it is very important to find a professional education agent to help you.

The best companies in the market offer full support to the student, from collecting the visa documentation and writing the letter of intent, through choosing the course to details about boarding and daily life on the Gold Coast.

Mistakes in applying for permission to live in Australia can compromise your trip and spoil your plans. Look for an agent specializing in exchanges in Oceania and rest assured that your dreams will come true.

Work visa

international students who will spend more than 14 weeks in Australia can work at local companies. With this type of authorization, the student is freed to have a job for up to 40 hours a fortnight, which guarantees the student time to attend classes, earn extra money and also delve into Australian culture.

Those who choose long-term courses, with more than 92 weeks, such as undergraduate, masters and postgraduate courses, can apply for the Post Study Work Visa. With this type of visa, recent graduates from Australian institutions can work for a period of two to three years after graduation, with no restrictions on the amount of hours and for higher-paying roles.

Did you feel like going to the Gold Coast right now? Living and studying in paradise will be a great adventure, which will provide a lot of learning, personal growth and experiences to take along your entire trajectory.

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