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what is so special about TikTok pros and cons

TikTok is a mobile app that allows users to create short videos and share them with others. It was  created by Chinese company ByteDance, which also owns the popular news aggregator Jinri Toutiao.  The app has quickly risen in popularity, overtaking Vine as the most downloaded social media app on  both Apple’s App Store and Google Play store for iOS and Android respectively.  

Pros and Cons Of TikTok 

However, what are the pros & cons of using TikTok Folowers? Well, it all depends what you want out of your  video-sharing experience! In this article we take a look at what makes TikTok so special – from its  features like lip sync to its new “React” feature which lets you react to other people’s posts in the  comments section. 

PROs of using TikTok 

TikTok can be Time-Saving 

TikTok is the newest app that will take over your social media feed. The best way to create a TikTok  video: utilize resources from other sources, such as shooting with just your phone and posting on  another website’s account. 

It’s Entertaining  

Social media outlets like TikTok are a great way to keep kids entertained, while also giving them the  chance to connect with other people. It has comedy sketches that will make you laugh out loud and up and-coming stars in duets or just sharing their skills on an interesting dance video. One of these young  talents is Lil Tay who was only nine years old when she became one of Instagram’s most popular figures,  even though her account got shut down recently due to violating its guidelines about bullying content.  Additionally because this app is so common among teens they may feel left out if they don’t use it too  which can be bad for socialization! 

It Can Be Good for Making Friends  

TikTok is a social media platform that offers kids with the chance to meet new friends and get  connected. On this app, you can find millions of other users around the world which also makes it  inclusive for everyone. Some people are naturally shy so meeting in-person friends becomes difficult;  however, things become much easier on social media because there’s no pressure of communication  face-to-face making them feel like they’re communicating their feelings without any danger or risk  involved. 

TikTok Exposure to billions of users for FREE

Signing up for TikTok is free and you can post as often with this social media platform. With a staggering  2 billion downloads, there are billions of people who have the opportunity to view your posts without  paying any fees or spending on ads! 

CONs of using TikTok 

It Can Harm Privacy  

TikTok is a social media app that can have serious consequences. Kids often broadcast their lives which  unveils sensitive information about them and your home to the public such as location, license plate  numbers or even where they live. The world isn’t always full of nice people so you should consider  installing one on your child’s device! But what exactly does it do? A VPN acts like an encryption layer  between viewing parties by routing data through servers in other countries prior to reaching its  destination. This ensures privacy from 3rd parties who may be spying on these devices 

Censorship risk 

TikTok, the social media platform owned by a Chinese company has been in the news for censoring  videos that could be seen to stir up political climate. Since then, TikTok removes any video they find  seemingly appropriate and without an explanation – which can cost your business big time! And it seems  like TikTok just got banned in India as well with no notice or warning – is there even more of a chance  that where you are may also get censored? Better hurry up while this app still exists because its organic  reach on content creators and cheap influencers might not last either way. 

Creating consistent viral content 

Influencers who are able to create content that goes viral across a variety of social media platforms, are  always lucking out. And even if they do go viral once or twice, it’s tough for them to keep up with the  expectations in order to please their newly acquired followers when it comes time for another post. 

It’s Prone to Negative Comments  

The Internet is a cruel place, and social media just amplifies that to the extreme. Hurtful comments can  even lead people into feeling unsafe in their own skin or contemplating suicide. 

Social networking sites have always been at risk of attracting haters because the more popular it gets,  the greater are its chances for negative reactions from users who feel insecure about themselves and  threatened by others’ popularity with likes and shares on content they post online which may be  considered better than theirs – this has also happened to top-ranked creators before me!


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