What is the best way to educate a child?

When a kid starts walking, way before that, he learns to crawl. Just like that, for learning a new language, we need to start from the primary part, its alphabets, its basic sounds, etc.Exactly like that, the best way to educate your child is commencement from the basics. Parents are responsible for the religious and secular education of their children. For Quran education, Noorani Qaida for Kids is the most basic booklet ever.

For Learning the Holy Quran, The Noorani Qaida for kids is an elementary book that introduces basic Tajweed rules. It is vital for reciting the Holy Quran well, taking care in mind the pronunciation of each letter.

Noorani Qaida for kids:

Noorani Qaida was composed by a well renowned Islamic Scholar, Molvi Noor Muhammad Ludhyanvi, from India and was named after him Al-Qaidah An-Noraniah.

Noorani Qaida for kids is a reputable booklet that helps Quran Students to learn the fundamentals of Arabic alphabets and their pronunciationIn the beginning, the Arabic letters are taught to learners until they master them. It contains different exercises to practice every step necessary for learning Quran recitation. Several beneficial exercises comprising of Quranic letters and words help to teach Holy Quran.

The process of going from basic to more complex letters is slow. The main objective for more practice is to recite the verses of the Quran correctly, having a good command of the pronunciation of difficult letters and words.

What Are the Benefits of Noorani Qaida for kids?

Qaida course helps students in reciting Quran Kareem more efficiently. Qaida learning is the most basic course for the path of learning Quran recitation fluently. This course is very advantageous for kids belonging to different dialects.

Students should learn Qaida precisely and slowly. Students should take their proper time in learning Qaida and its exercises. Because Non-Arab kids do not have a native Arabic accent and to properly learn the language and to recite the Holy book accurately, they have to practice a lot. And to get benefits from Qaida, students must revise the exercises and practice daily. By doing this, with time, students have command of the Arabic reading and do not make any mistakes in pronunciation.

Noorani Qaida for kids Course Details:

Noorani Qaida for Kids is the Basic book for learning Arabic pronunciation. It has 17 chapters, starting with the Arabic alphabet, Arabic words, and verses. It is composed of lessons, which help the students study basic Tajweed rules. Teachers determine the time needed by each student to complete every exercise.

The main reason for all these lessons is that the students learn Noorani Qaida so well that they can easily pronounce difficult words like Haa, daad, etc. The basic course outline of Noorani Qaida comprises of following parts:

  • Reading the Arabic alphabet.
  • Learning Letters, joints, and words.
  • Huroof maddah.
  • Huroof leenah.
  • Rules of Raa, Rules of Laam.
  • Waqf, Sukoon & Jazm.
  • Noon Qutni.
  • Madh lazim.

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