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What Social Platforms Should You Spend Time Marketing Your Business On?


Social media might be one of your company’s most profitable marketing channels. Social media platforms are pretty excellent to build brand awareness website traffic and connect with potential and existing customers. 

Also, you can generate new leads to fill the void of your business. You have to know what social media marketing is and its value. But which social media platforms should you spend the most time on for your business when there are 65 platforms in total. 

We will help you with this. This article will discuss the best social media platforms like Facebook and social media ads you must spend your time on to market your business.  

Google My Business:

According to the results in 2019, Google My Business has received more than 900 search views and more than 300map views. This platform has over 5 billion registered users. 

These figures have come out after an analysis from over 45,000 business listings. To release your content based on location, you can use this platform. But before that, you have to verify the listing of Google My Business thoroughly. 

You can sell your customer’s needs. But, you have to provide feedback on the quality of social proof. So, Google My Business is the topmost and best social media platform for the marketing of your business. 


LinkedIn does not consist of as many active users as Facebook and Google My Business, but it has around 350 million active users. But B2B businesses should thrive by using this platform. But you must know that half a percentage of college graduates use LinkedIn. 


Instagram is an image-based platform. So, companies related to influencers, coaches, and product selling can successfully use this platform. It has over 1.16 billion active and registered users. Consider that most youths use Instagram if your customer is based on the youth icons. 


The second best social media platform for your business marketing is Facebook. Facebook and social media ads are a necessary place for your business irrespective of the kind of your industry. It has over 3 billion active users, according to research. 

Search Engine Journal listed some of the most constant and dominant industries on this social media platform, gaming, media, retail, telecommunication, automotive, consumer goods, e-commerce, entertainment, financial services, and technology. 

Most businesses have complained about Facebook being a conqueror for business posts in the news feed. But, keep in mind that you will not have to purchase ads like Facebook and social media ads. Instead, by launching daily live videos, joining and making groups, you can increase your engagement.


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we can help you with the social media platforms where you should spend most of your time to market your business on that we have mentioned above after thorough research for you. 

It is necessary to consider which social media platforms are best for your business. There are several other networking sites out there, and selecting your preference might be daunting. But, you can choose by shortlisting the most popular and used platforms.

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