What to Choose Game Designing or Game Developing After 12th?

While you’re at your gaming console – strategizing with teammates, chasing, shooting villains, and taking your team to victory, have you ever marvelled at what it would be like to be behind the screen, producing incredible games?

If yes, then a career in the gaming industry awaits you with plenty of amazing roles to work in! Among these, the most popular job titles have been game developer and game designer. While the two job roles may seem similar, they are distinctive, requiring different knowledge and skill set.

Confused? Let’s explore which would be a good choice after 12th– game design or game development.

What is Video Game Designing?

Video game designing involves creating the initial framework of the game, including the genre, storyline, characters, rules, user interface, and more. Video game designers oversee the creative and technical aspects of the game. They experiment with various themes, concepts, and genres early in the production cycle.

What is Video Game Development?

Video game development is the process of transforming the ideas of the design team into reality. The goal is to convert the game into a playable product – from coding, engineering, and software programming to rendering, sound effects, testing, and more. As a video game developer, you must possess good programming and coding skills.

What Should You Choose – Game Development or Game Design Courses?

Let’s see how these fields differ regarding course curriculum, skills, and career opportunities.

  1. Course Curriculum

No matter which career path you’re interested in, a formal degree will ensure you have the necessary skills and industry knowledge to be at the top of your game. Game development courses focus on technical knowledge, where you will learn various concepts and software like,

  • Programming languages
  • Mathematics for game development
  • Web API for games
  • Sculpture and Modelling
  • Artificial intelligence

On the other hand, game design courses will focus more on the creative aspect of game production. The curriculum will generally include,

  • 2D and 3D graphics and animation
  • Storytelling and narrative
  • Modelling and simulation
  • UI design
  • Game engines
  • VR production and development
  1. Skill Required

A career in video game development after 12th would require hands-on knowledge of coding and programming to develop a game from scratch. Not just that, you must be adept in computer languages like C++ and have the eye for detail to produce fantastic games.

Whereas, if you have the right creative knowledge and training, problem-solving skills, innovation, and the ability to communicate your ideas, a game design course will help you polish these skills.

  1. Career Opportunities

Both game development and game design courses expose you to a world of unique yet exciting career opportunities. With a game development degree, you can work as a

  • System developer
  • Game programmer
  • Web developer
  • App Developer

Similarly, a degree in game design can offer you opportunities like

  • Game designer
  • Character artist
  • Character designer
  • Animator

In the End

Game development is considerably related to computer programming, whereas designing focuses on excellent creative and visual skills. Depending on your skills and passion, you can decide which is right for you.

Top institutes like Pearl Academy offer comprehensive programs to learn game design coursesfrom industry experts. The four-year design program will expose you to real-world gaming operations, making you industry ready!

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