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Why Expatriates in Dubai Prefer Apartments over Villas?

There are many advanced cities in the world, but if we make a list of the best ones, Dubai certainly occupies a prime spot among them. Housing the tallest buildings with stunning architectures, man-made marvels and world-class attractions, it attracts a huge number of visitors everywhere. And not all of them visits this emirate for tourism. A lot of people come to Dubai to seek professional and entrepreneurial opportunities, while some are attracted to the luxurious lifestyle it offers.

The emirate has different types of residences, available in varying sizes, layouts and configurations. However, records suggest that apartments happen to be the most preferred choice for expatriates. Although there has been a noted increase in the sales of villas during the last year, apartment units are still sold in high numbers.

Here’s why expatriates prefer living in apartments over other types of residences:

Spoilt for Choices

Dubai nestles in itself many residential developments featuring luxury apartments. Some of them are waterfront properties. This means they are located next to a waterbody; thus, they have a tranquil ambience and residents get to enjoy stunning water views as well. However, these apartments are costly.

You can find relatively inexpensive units if you move to the Old Dubai side. Buildings, in this part of the emirate, are old; hence, they do not come with modern amenities. Other than that, you can also find apartments within your budget if you move a little away from the city centre.

Apartments in all parts of the emirate are available in different layouts. You can easily find a studio, 1, 2 or 3-bedroom unit depending on your requirements. Furthermore, there are penthouses available as well. Known as luxury variants of apartments, penthouses are lavish dwellings that are usually located on top floors of residential developments. However, they tend to be quite costly.

Suitable for Families

A lot of people believe that apartments are not suitable for families since these units are smaller in size. However, this is not always the case. You can find bigger apartments that can easily accommodate a family of 4 to 5 people. For example, a 3-bedroom apartment is suitable for a family. Similarly, penthouses are available in 4 and 5-bedroom configurations. They are perfect for even bigger families.

waterfront properties

A Communal Lifestyle

As most expatriates live away from their families, the feeling of loneliness often kicks in. However, when they live in an apartment building, they get to enjoy a communal lifestyle. Usually, people belonging to different regions, religions, cultures reside in these buildings that too in perfect harmony. Therefore, ex-pats can develop new friendships and cordial relations, provided they are surrounded by the right people.

Modern Amenities

Residential buildings in Dubai, particularly the latest ones, come with state-of-the-art amenities and luxuries. These play a vital role in uplifting living standards. For example, some buildings come with private cinema screens, spa and sauna rooms, fitness centres equipped with modern equipment, etc.

Furthermore, outdoor sports courts, beautifully manicured gardens, indoor games area, temperature-controlled infinity pools, swimming pool for kids, BBQ deck, kids’ play area are some of the other facilities available in these developments.

Comparatively Inexpensive

It’s a well-known fact that living cost in Dubai is on the higher side, and so is the cost of buying and renting an apartment. However, it is considerably lower as compared to villas and townhouses. Also, as stated above, you can find cheaper apartments in residential developments nestled away from the city. Of course, there will be commuting hassles, but the well-planned infrastructure of Dubai takes care of it.

If you have a well-paying job in Dubai and you intend to live here for a long time, you can consider buying an apartment in Dubai. It’s a golden opportunity that certainly shouldn’t be missed. Many banks and private lenders in Dubai offer home loans that you can apply for to buy an off-plan property in Dubai. These properties are comparatively inexpensive and offer a great ROI as well. However, the prospects majorly depend on the project you have selected. Right now, Stella Maris Tower, the last waterfront residential development in Dubai Marina, is the hot choice. Buying an apartment in this project can be the wisest choice you’ll ever make.

Final Thoughts

While villas and townhouses offer an exclusive lifestyle, living in apartments also comes with so many perks. They are affordable, come with the latest amenities and are easily available.

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