Why is it necessary to learn Quran in the Arabic language?

Are you confuse about which language you should learn Quran online?  Let’s know!

Holy Quran is the book of Allah in which Allah addressed Arabs Muslims in the Arabic language. In the last message of Allah, Allah asks all Arabs and non-Arabs to read these final words. Arabs Muslims can understand this book because they speak Arabic, while non-Arabians face difficulty learning Arabic as a new language.

But if we want to get the Mercy of Allah, whatever we are Arabs or non-Arabs, we should learn the Quran with Tajweed and understand it. Nowadays, technology-dominated Quran Madrassas and made it easy to learn Quran for Muslims living in every part of the world. You can join online Quran classes to learn Quran with professional Quran teachers!

Importance of learning Quran in Arabic

The best way of learning the Quran is to understand the Quran word by word in the Arabic language. Some non-muslim such as Christians, believe in the reading translation of the Bible. But Holy Quran is an Arabic book, and we are not allowed to read it in the Urdu language; instead, we should read Quran in Arabic words as it is revealed and addressed by Allah for Muslims.

If we see this Hadith that Muslims do ten deeds for reciting one word of the Quran, and the Quran is in Arabic. The primary purpose is to read the Quran in Arabic, not by translation in our native language. Hence, all the Muslims either their language is English or Urdu; they learn Quran in the Arabic language.

Learn Quran in the Arabic language

All Muslims know the value of Allah’s message in the form of a book named the Quran. This book has a lot of guidance, cures, and problems of all solutions. Muslims for centuries learn and read Quran in the Arabic language and learn its translation in their native language.

The purpose of translation is nothing instead to understand the message of Allah for us. Hence, the real Blessings is present in Arabic words of the Quran as revealed on Earth. Muslims learn and teach the Quran word by word in the Arabic language.

Because language is the carrier of culture, you can prevent this from happening to your children if you teach them learn arabic in Sydney from a young age.

Memorize Quran online in Arabic

Hifz-e-Quran is the most effective practice for Allah. Muslims who remember Quran all memorize Quran in the Arabic language, not in Urdu or English, or another language. They know the language of the Quran has blessing Greatness and blessings. It’s not impossible for anyone because Allah says in Quran that

“We have made the Quran easy for remembrance. So, is there anyone who will remember? ”

Allah depicted a lot of rewards for Hafiz-e-Quran in the world and hereafter. In this modern world, one can memorize Quran at home by joining the online Quran Academy in the UK, which has exceptional Hafiz-e-Quran tutors for kids and adults.

To Sum Up

In short, the central theme of writing this article is to enlighten the importance of learning the Quran online in the Arabic language. Some people think that they read Quran, but in languages other than Arabic, they are at a mistake! Instead, if you recite the Quran in Arabic and read the translation in your language for understanding, you’ll get all the rewards mentioned for Allah’s Quran readers.

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